ALERT: Trump’s Powerful Move to Protect Americans Being IGNORED By Media

Out of concern for our nation’s security, the number of refugees that have been admitted into the United States has dropped under the new administration.

President Trump is undeterred.

In fact, the drop is around half. Comparing the first three months of Trump’s presidency compared to Obama’s last three, a total of 13,000 refugees have been admitted under our current leadership, compared to the 25,000 under the past one. The annual ceiling for refugee arrivals is set to 50,000 this year, cut from the previous ceiling of 110,000. (via FOX News)

Trump has lived up to his promise to protect the American people, recalling back to his presidential campaign, in which he referred to the hundreds of thousands of unvetted migrants settling into Europe like a “snake” that will end up biting Europe for its naïveté, a sentiment which materialized in the signing of a travel ban from troubling Middle Eastern countries.

Although heavily criticized by many figures on the left, there has been a marked rise in crime and terror attacks across of Europe, with many countries noticing significant increases in their criminal reports. Sweden, in particular, has seen an increase in reported rapes since it began taking in refugees, although many claim the situation is more complicated than it may appear. (via National Review)

This security concern seems to be shared with many Middle Eastern nations as well. Saudi Arabia, which is much closely geographically and culturally to the refugees, has been reluctant to take in any refugees, citing security reasons.

Erol Kekic, executive director of the Immigration and Refugee Program for Church World Service, disagrees, and said, “This program simply can’t be turned on and off like a faucet.”

Of course, Kekic’s position is perfectly understandable. Many believe that we absolutely must have compassion. However, shouldn’t the security of the American people come first? Is that not compassionate as well?

Others have also disagreed, including the lower courts that have blocked Trump’s executive order suspending arrivals from these countries.

There is nothing unconstitutional about such an order. In 1952, Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act, which expressly authorized the president to suspend the immigration of any person, class of people or group into the United States for public health, public safety, or national security reasons. (via FOX News)

Despite this, Trump’s order was repeatedly overturned — until the mater got passed along to the Supreme Court, which included the newly-appointed conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch, to get the order sustained.

The Supreme Court ended up allowing most of Trump’s travel ban to go into effect until it conducts a further review in October. (via The Independent)

President Trump stated that it is “a clear victory for our national security,” and mentioned that “As President, I cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm. I want people who can love the United States and all of its citizens, and who will be hardworking and productive.”

Will this victory for the American people be celebrated by the media? Unlikely. What we will see instead is a continued attack on this policy by mainstream figureheads. Luckily, President Trump seems to be undeterred by the relentless attacks from the media and appears to have a genuine desire to follow through on the commitments he made to his constituents.