WATCH: Trump Official Drops DACA Bombshell On CNN

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was officially ended by the Trump administration on Tuesday. The backlash over the end of the Obama-era program was immense.

Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, met with John Berman and Poppy Harlow on CNN to defend his position that immigration needs to be enforced. After the hosts tried to bring emotion into the situation, Kobach reasoned, “They came in, presumably, with a parent or parents, and so the correct policy is for us to enforce federal law and deport the whole family to the home country.”

The main argument, and perhaps the most reasonable, is that there are lines of people just waiting to come into the U.S. In that sense, why is it fair that these “Dreamers” get to cut in line?

There is a legal process to enter the country, and there is no logical reason why these illegal immigrants should get special treatment. If they want the privilege of being in the United States, there is a legal, straightforward process in place for doing so.

Again, the CNN pundits tried to bring emotion into the conversation by asking where “home” is for the Dreamers. Kobach patiently reminds them that regardless of where they consider “home,” they are still not legal U.S. citizens.

Kobach clarified, “The idea that somehow it’s wrong to ask people to go back to their home country and to come in the right way, I just fundamentally disagree with that. We have a legal immigration system.”

Kobach brought up the unemployment rate of Americans in the same age group as the average Dreamer. The argument is that these people are robbing American citizens of jobs that they would otherwise have easy access to.

There’s only so much room in the country at any given time. As businesses expand, and more opportunities become available, more immigrants can be allowed in at a steady pace — provided they use the legal way to come here. They need to use it.

There are simply not enough jobs to sustain everyone, and that’s going to cause the average person to become more financially strained. The financial strain of the youth has a lasting effect on our economy, growth, and the United States’ ability to prosper.

President Trump has taken great first steps toward remedying the problems these Obama-era policies wrought on us. The decision to reform is up to Congress. The President’s reasoning is simple — the Constitution does not let the president unilaterally change immigration law, as Obama did when he introduced DACA in 2012.

Until Congress has come to a decision, all DACA requests are ceased. However, the people here under DACA can stay. All pending requests before the announcement will also be considered.

Trump promised that he would help secure our borders, and end all of the Obama-era policies that put our nation in danger. He is holding true to his word. Now, Congress has to follow through and create a fluent immigration policy that does not sacrifice the well-being of native born Americans.