BREAKING: Trump Asks The 1 Question The NFL Never Wanted To Hear

The debate over how NFL players handle the national anthem is causing an intense back-and-forth contest between President Donald Trump and the league as a whole. We may not be talking about baseball, but Trump’s last comment hit it out of the park.

President Trump has been on Twitter a few times over the NFL, and his most recent tweet is catching serious attention. His new tweet read: “Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country? Change tax law!” The implication he is making is simple. If the NFL has no respect for the country, why should they take advantage of benefits like tax breaks?

According to Fox News, the league was granted their exempt status back in 1942. The reason was that the Internal Revenue Service considered the NFL a trade association, therefore leaving them exempt from federal taxes. The league office was the entity granted an exemption, while individual teams and players have always had to pay taxes. The league office did give up its tax exempt status in 2015 for a few different reasons.

Today, many people see the individual stadiums getting subsidies for stadium building and repair as the biggest flaw as it relates to tax money and the NFL. They are able to work on stadiums using taxpayer dollars, which some lawmakers are beginning to call a halt on.

Louisiana Republican Rep. Kenny Havard called on Lousiana’s government to review and take away state funding and tax breaks for the New Orleans Saints. Havard stated, “I believe in the right to protest, but not at a taxpayer-subsidized sporting event. Do it on your own time. There are plenty of disabled children, elderly and veterans in this state that would appreciate the money.”

The president seems to be making a valid point in saying that the NFL as a whole should not be receiving all of these benefits if honestly believe that the United States is a systematically racist nation where police violence occurs regularly, and minorities are consistently discriminated against.

Colin Kaepernick started the protest last year by saying it was about police brutality against minorities, but it is a far cry from that now. It seems that much of the protesting seen recently has been a response to President Trump’s harsh indictment of those players who disrespect the country in which they live.

The NFL is getting massive tax breaks each year. Do you think this is wrong?

Everyone wonders why he is firing at the NFL so quickly on issues such as the tax subsidies; this is why. They are, for the most part, not actually protesting real issues. They are seemingly doing it for purely political reasons.

As a result of politics being inserted into sports, the viewership ratings for the NFL have dropped, as have ticket sales.

If they keep this up, fewer people are going to watch the NFL out of principle and love for their country.

Vice President Mike Pence left a Colts vs. 49ers game over the weekend due to national anthem protests. It is going to be interesting to see the response of the teams and the league as a whole if the tax code is examined and changed.