BREAKING: Trump Makes Major Putin Announcement, Media Melting Down

President Donald Trump has officially started his first trip to Asia since becoming President of the United States. In light of his first trip, the president made a surprise announcement about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The tour will go to five countries in Asia. President Trump stated, “I think it is expected we’ll meet with Putin, yeah.” According to NBC News, he continued by explaining to reporters that, “We want Putin’s help on North Korea, and we’ll be meeting with a lot of different leaders.” This meeting could be huge when it comes to cornering North Korea and stopping their constant barrage of nuclear threats.

This meeting will be the third encounter between President Trump and Putin. Speculation shows that they are expecting to meet in Vietnam later this week.

They are going to be meeting at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit. One of the most significant topics at this event is how to handle the increasingly hostile North Korea.

President Trump answered on whether he expected Kim Jong-Un to try and launch another test missile while Trump is in the area. When asked, his response was, “We’ll soon find out. Good luck!”

There are many people who are still torn up about the idea of President  Trump colluding with Russia — despite there being no evidence. As expected, there are dramatic claims that the President is still conspiring with Russia and his meeting is viewed as “wrong.”

News of the trip follows the recent findings that former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and his business partner Rick Gates, are facing indictments by special counsel Robert Mueller. The indictment revealed that Manafort was involved in money laundering out of the Ukraine, as well as tax evasion.

In the documents, there was not one word of President Trump or alleged collusion with Russia. Information revealed that the former campaign advisor, who was considered a minor player in Trump’s overall campaign, was caught lying to the FBI about his contacts with people connected to the Russians.

President Trump landed in Tokyo and spoke with the troops stationed at the Yokota Air Base. He let them know that the relationship between the US and Japan is strong.

“Japan is a treasured partner and crucial ally of the United States, and today we thank them for welcoming us and for decades of wonderful friendship between our two nations,” President Trump stated.

President Trump alluded that it might not end well for dictators and regimes that don’t see the strength in the United States. He reminded everyone that those who have not remembered the strength of the US didn’t have a “pleasant” experience.

This trip is going to be important in bringing the people of Asia closer to the United States. The meeting with leaders is going to help show that the President is willing to work with them to resolve the conflict that North Korea stirred up over the summer. It is unknown when exactly the President and Putin plan on meeting, but when it does happen, you will be able to find out about the details of the conversation and their plan for North Korea here.