ALERT: Trump Makes Game-Changing Move, No President Has Ever Done This

President Donald Trump has managed to shake up the system in some major ways. However, the decision that he just made is going to shake the foundation of our country to the core.

Information on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been highly guarded and locked away. When President Trump tweeted Saturday, many Americans roared in approval. He said, “Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened.”

News of these documents finally being released is big for both historians and what some call “conspiracy theorists.” There will be thousands of pages released by the National Archives on October 26th.

A white house official commented on the President’s tweet Saturday afternoon, “The President believes that these documents should be made available in the interests of full transparency unless agencies provide a compelling and clear national security or law enforcement justification otherwise.”

There is pressure on the National Archives to meet with the President by Thursday to present any case they may have on keeping the documents secret. There is little doubt that new information will come from the National Archives.

Details of these records has fans of the JFK timeline wondering what exactly will be revealed. A total of 3,000 new emails are slated to be released, alongside 30,ooo documents that were previously released, this time without redactions, according to CBS News.

Congress originally decided in 1992 that all documents pertaining to the assassination be released within 25 years. The President has the power to block this decision if he thinks that it would harm the intelligence agency, military operations, law enforcement, or foreign relations.

Larry Sabato, who is the director of the University Center for Politics, and author of a book about Kennedy’s assassination was also pleased with the President’s decision, stating, “Thank you. This is the correct decision. Please do not allow exceptions for any agency of government,” Sabato stated.

Many hope that the documents will reveal information about the killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, and his intent, including information on his trip to Mexico City right before the killing.

During Oswald’s time there, he visited the Soviet and Cuban embassies, which has always raised eyebrows. The Warren Commission Report claimed that these trips were a way to allow Oswald to get visas to visit Cuba, as well as the Soviet Union. He may have intended to flee to one of the two areas.

New JFK files are finally being released. Are you looking forward to it?

Roger Stone, an author with an alternative view of what happened to JFK is also pleased with the president’s decision. He said that these documents need to be uncovered. When asked, he stated, “Why? Because I believe they show that Oswald was trained, nurtured and put in place by the Central Intelligence Agency. It sheds very bad light on the deep state.”

Now, we are just a few days away from the information being released to the public in full. As scholars and theorists alike watch and wait, you can’t help but be a little curious yourself — what really did happen that day? We will all know very soon.