BREAKING: Trump Makes Massive ‘Food Stamp’ Announcement

Rebuilding the economy has been one of the chief areas of focus for President Trump. The real estate mogul-turned head-of-state has placed an emphasis on getting Americans back to work.

A new statistic from the US Department of Agriculture appears to vindicate Trump’s approach to the economy. According to the Daily Wire, food stamp usage throughout the country has gone down every month since Trump assumed the presidency. As Americans find employment, they are no longer bound to supplementary government programs.

In June 2017, the number of participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) was 41,310,785. This is a shocking 2,000,000 less than the same time last year under the administration of Barack Obama.

The figure also represents the lowest number of SNAP users since 2010, when 40,302,000 were enrolled in the federal program. Since Inauguration Day, the decline in food stamp usage has been steady.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), this trend is likely to continue over the next decade. Projections from CBO indicate SNAP participation will go down 1-2 percent every year for 10 years. By 2027, food stamp program participation is projected to be at about 32.5 million people.

As covered by Politico, Trump’s 2018 budget proposal to Congress called for reductions to food stamp spending. The President argues these cuts are intended to help able-bodied Americans get back to work–while providing savings to taxpayers.

But Trump isn’t the only one responsible for the decline in SNAP usage. As noted by Breitbart, Republican-controlled states have begun implementing stricter requirements for food stamp participants.

Alabama, for example, began enforcing work requirements throughout the state in January of 2016. And in Georgia, new work requirements went into effect in 21 counties in April of this year.

The drop in the number of Americans using food stamps coincides with the improved state of the economy and employment opportunities under the Trump White House. According to the Daily Caller, the administration has beaten job growth expectations by presiding over the creation of 209,900 jobs in July and bringing the unemployment rate to a 16-year historic low of 4.3 percent.

Trump has committed to helping Americans who fall off the statistical radar. “Unemployment is at a 16 year low,” he said. “But don’t forget, and I will never forget, the millions and millions of people out there that want jobs that don’t register on the unemployment rolls because they gave up looking for jobs.”

As reported by the Washington Times, President Trump has slashed federal regulations on businesses at a historic rate. His deregulation efforts have saved businesses nearly $4 billion per year. These savings have sparked reinvestment in the economy and the creation of new jobs.

Food stamp usage throughout the country has gone down every month since Trump assumed the presidency. Does Trump get credit for this?

Trump has also achieved several other pro-business policies. As reported by CNN, the President approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines almost immediately after assuming office–a move that will create tens of thousands of jobs. And as the Washington Post noted, Trump withdrew the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal he claims would have had a devastating impact on American workers.

As seen on CNBC, the stock market has consistently set record highs since Trump took office. According to OAN, the vast majority of Americans credit Trump for the stock market’s astonishing performance.

With jobs being created, people are falling off the food stamp rolls and weaning themselves from government dependency. That makes America great again!