TRUMP DID IT: Major Campaign Promise KEPT.

President Trump kept a major campaign promise. His administration has helped the country get more Americans back to work.

Breitbart News reported that the economy has added more than one million jobs since the president took office. The expectation was that job creation would decrease in 2017, but it seems the Trump administration’s efforts have defied the prevailing wisdom.

In four out of the president’s six months in office, 200,000 jobs were created. This means that the total number of jobs that have been added since February is at 107 million. Moreover, the unemployment rate has decreased to 4.3 percent.

While unemployment has dropped, the United States has not yet seen the type of increase in wages that we would expect with the current unemployment numbers. It appears the Trump administration is taking steps to address the pay issue. Their proposal on limiting the flow of legal immigrants into the country is in part designed to increase the wages of American workers.

Reactions to the news about jobs and the unemployment rate have been mostly positive. Kevin Brady, the House Ways and Means Chairman, said, “Our economy is making steady progress with more people entering the labor force and continued job creation.”

In an interview with CNBC, Tony Bedikian, the head of global markets for Citizens Bank said, “More people are coming into the labor force and finding jobs. It’s difficult to find anything really negative in the report.”

Of course, some on the left have managed to find something negative to say about the report. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) criticized the Trump administration because of the lack of growth in wages. “After nearly eight months on the job, President Trump has failed to come up with a cogent plan to create good-paying jobs and increase wages,” Heinrich wrote In a statement, He continued, “As a result, wages are barely exceeding inflation, and more than 100,000 workers have been laid off as companies continue to close American operations and ship jobs overseas.”

During the campaign, President Trump stated that his administration would be committed to helping Americans get back to work. He promised to remove the many unnecessary regulations that the Obama administration placed on businesses. Now that he is making it easier for businesses to operate, they have been able to hire more workers.

While the recent jobs report is encouraging, there is still more work to be done. Higher wages will help Americans provide for their families, and it will also contribute to the growth of our economy.

Unlike the previous occupant of the Oval Office, President Trump seems intent on making sure that businesses are in a position to provide the wages that American workers need.

In an appearance on Bloomberg, National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn said that he is confident that the job numbers would continue to grow, “I think we can … make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to grow. … We do think there is much more potential to bring people back into the labor force.”

If the Trump administration continues to limit the government’s involvement in the economy, we can expect more reports such as these going forward.