BREAKING: Trump Infuriates Libs With Response to Las Vegas Shooting

Last night the world was shocked when a gunman opened fire on concert goers in Las Vegas, killing more than 50 and injuring over 400 people.

According to the New York Times, Trump responded to the tragedy on Twitter with heartfelt sympathy towards those affected. Yet liberals and anti-Trumpers took the opportunity to lash out at Trump over his kind words, ignoring the victims and seeking the moment to put forth their political grievances.

As news was still coming in about the terrible tragedy Trump sent out this response on Twitter: “My warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible Las Vegas shooting. God bless you!”.

It was the perfect response — heartfelt, caring, and compassionate. Yet a quick glance through the responses revealed that some people disgustingly took the moment to voice their opinions and criticisms of Trump.

One of the more common responses was to note the gunman’s race, questioning whether Trump would comment on it and if he’d finally support gun control. Jon S. said, “#WhiteNationalistTerror #VanillaISIS” Vikki V. stated, “Do you condemn white male domestic terrorists? Is it time for gun reform?” Angela Belcamino demanded, “Say it loud Trump… Domestic Terrorism! #GunControlNow”

Many responses also seemed to suggest Trump’s response somehow proves his inability to lead, or even more astoundingly, how little he cared about the situation. Ed Krassenstein stated, “My guess is that we see more tweets by Trump talking about NFL players kneeling than we do about this TERRORIST attack today.” Taylor claimed, “Trump literally is at his golf course as he tweets this.”

Katherine Elizabeth falsely claimed, Trump waited till “7am” to make a response, despite Trump’s tweet going out much earlier. “He can tweet at 3am about Miss Universe but he waits until 7am to tweet about the worst mass shooting in the country’s history. He’s late,” she tweeted. Bailykix sent out a vague demand of Trump saying: “He needs to step up or step down.”

One critic named VJK oddly felt that in addition to gun violence being the issue, the attack was a result of Trump and Russia collusion: “Doesn’t matter. The problem in this country is easy access to guns! That and division/chaos/hate that is being created by Russia & Trump.”

But perhaps most upsetting among the responses were criticisms of Trump seeking God to bless the victims and their families. According to LaurenM, “Look how far praying has gotten us. Nowhere. We just had the worst mass shooting in American history.” Then most upsetting was joe logue with a laughing emoji following his statement “Praying sure as hell works.”

While these and the other critics who responded negatively to Trump’s tweet are not indicative of everyone on the Left, it is a disgusting insight into how far some people are willing to go with their opposition to Trump.

During the deadliest mass shooting in US history, which has left many dead and injured, there are those who would seek to use the moment to push their political agendas. Instead of honoring the dead or showing sympathy as Trump did, they instead cry out for gun control, denounce Trump and take potshots at the Christian faith.

Many on the caustic Left are lashing out at President Trump for his response to and comments about the attack in Las Vegas. Do you think the radical Left is exploiting this tragedy to further their agenda?

It’s also astounding that when Trump issues a warm, heartfelt response to such a terrible tragedy, people still find fault with it. The response couldn’t have been more compassionate or presidential, yet there are those who still criticize or condemn his words.

Unlike those more obsessed with criticizing Trump or pressing their political agendas, we extend our thoughts and prayers to those suffering from this terrible tragedy and hope that answers can be found to its cause so we might prevent further violence from occurring.