BREAKING: Trump Quietly Keeps Major Promise To America – Media Hiding It

The media has done a tremendous job of covering up all of President Trump’s accomplishments since he has been in office. Despite their efforts, the truth is still as clear as day.

President Trump has managed to fulfill one of his core campaign promises. He promised that he was going to cut the red tape and do away with a ton of Obama-era regulations. He has managed to destroy some of the job-killing regulations put in place by Obama, according to the Washington Examiner. This is a big win for the American people.

Trump’s administration has managed to keep its one in two out policy. In other words, for every new policy administered, two are thrown out.

The result of this move has saved Americans $645 million. Plus, this system will save the American people another $600 million over a short period of time.

Dan Goldbeck, an analyst for the regulatory policy at the American Action Forum stated, “By any measure, it has been a significant period for regulatory reform.” Americans are finally seeing those crippling policies put on businesses and workers thrown out.

GOP members in Washington have been in a complete frenzy over regulatory cutting. They have been leading the way for cutting out harmful regulation through the Congressional Review Act.

Furthermore, President Trump also signed a new Executive Order, dubbed Executive Order 13,771. The new order calls for even more cuts and urges agencies to consider the cost of regulations before trying to add more. This is the kind of fiscal responsibility the American people have been calling for.

Goldbeck worded it best by describing Trump’s plan as a “regulatory budget.” In essence, he wants all of these agencies to look carefully at what they have and shed the old or useless regulations in order to save more money on the bottom line.

Up until this point, the Congressional Review Act has managed to save $582 billion. Trump’s actions have also managed to save around $145 million.

Trump has managed to destroy some of the job-killing regulations put in place by Obama. Will this help our bloated budget?

The media, as always, has refused to give credit where credit is due. They instead have been working to demonize the president however they can. They tried to nail him with the Russian collusion story, but nothing stuck so they had to pull back and put their efforts elsewhere.

They then decided to take the approach that Trump is a bigoted racist because he said that the violent Left is just as bad as the violent Right. Of course, to some news organizations, that means that Trump supports white supremacy. We all know that is not the case, especially considering the fact that he went out of his way to sign an Executive Order that would significantly help black universities across the nation.

Now, the Left is running on fumes and doesn’t have much to say. This might explain why they have turned their attention to Hillary Clinton and her new book. The only problem is her book tour is definitely not casting her in a good light, so it is hard to say what faux anger is going to come out of the Left next.