WATCH: Trump Issues Powerful Warning To Kim Jong-un

The tension between the United States and North Korea is an ever-escalating, albeit irregular, situation. One minute they are threatening us, and the next they act as if it never happened. President Trump decided to give Kim Jong-un a powerful warning that he should consider.

During a meeting Thursday, the president talked at length about North Korea and how he personally wishes the issue could be resolved. Trump, like many, wishes that North Korea would back down and just keep to themselves. However, he let the world know that we would not take any of their threats lightly. Trump explained, “If we do use [military action] on North Korea, it will be a very sad day for North Korea.” 

President Trump put it all on the table and stated that while military action is not preferable, it is “certainly” still an option. His speech came Thursday during a White House news conference.

After explaining that military action is still an option, he clarified his preferred choice of action. “It would be great if something else could be worked out,” the president said.

Trump said he has come to this decision after careful consideration. He reasoned that there had been multiple attempts spanning decades to try and get Pyongyang to act with diplomatic interests in mind.

It was clarified that a phone call between the president and Chinese President Xi Jinping put the two on the same page. Both are concerned about North Korea.

The dictator-run country has been boasting about and testing their ICBM missiles, and has even bragged that they have nuclear capabilities. Everyone in the area, including South Korea, is concerned about the actions of the unstable Kim.

Trump described his phone call with Xi and stated that they are not going to be putting up with the brazen threats coming from North Korea. He confirmed, “Xi agrees with me 100%.”

The phone call likely covered what would happen if North Korea kept threatening the US, and North Korea’s surrounding countries. The threats can only go on for so long before action follows.

This is not the first time that the president has had to make it perfectly clear what would happen to North Korea if they kept up with their empty threats. Back in early August, Trump said that if North Korea made good on their promise to attack Guam that “…it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before — what will happen in North Korea.”

President Trump continues to meet North Korea’s threats with strength and certainty. Do you think Kim Jong-un will back down?

Now, most of the world is on watch. Everyone wants to see what is going to happen next. Is North Korea going to back down yet again? Or will President Trump be forced to do something that has been a long time coming?

“It’s about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other countries. So if anything, that statement wasn’t tough enough,” Trump said during his speech in early August.

It appears, to all who are listening, that the message is clear.