ALERT: Trump Issues Urgent Warning to America, Please Listen

President Donald Trump has made a name for himself as someone who is not afraid to voice uncomfortable truths. Recently, Mr. Trump took on Great Britain and its problem with crime.

On his Facebook page, President Trump wrote, “Just out report: ‘United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.’ Not good, we must keep America safe!”

As with everything President Trump says, the mainstream media was quick to denounce him, and claim that his statement is factually wrong.

The media has consistently claimed that President Trump and Republicans are wrong and “Islamophobic” for saying that certain European cities have “No-Go Zones” where all non-Muslims are encouraged to avoid.

Just this week, Sweden’s centrist Moderate Party proposed sending in the Swedish Army into several high-crime areas in Stockholm’s suburbs.

“It is absolutely necessary to do something, because these gangs are like cancerous tumours in our country, and it is urgent. My absolute belief is that we, the nation of Sweden, must declare war on criminal gangs,” said Moderate Party member Mikael Cederbratt.

Most criminal gangs in Sweden are of foreign origin, with African and Arab Muslims.

Not too long ago, the media excoriated Donald Trump for saying that Sweden is an example of what America shouldn’t do in regards to law enforcement and immigration. The mainstream media here said that nothing is wrong in Sweden, a nation sometimes referred to as a “moral superpower.”

The uncomfortable truth for liberals is that Sweden is the “rape capital” of the West, and has seen a dramatic spike in grenade attacks on police officers and emergency services personnel.

2017 alone has seen a 550-percent rise in hand grenade attacks. Most of these attacks have occurred in the very same “No-Go Zones” that the media once said do not exist at all.

As for Great Britain, the country has seen a sharp uptick in terror attacks lately, from the suicide bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, to the various vehicular assaults in London.

Despite what Labour Party officials like London Mayor Sadiq Khan say, Britain’s growing Muslim population is radicalizing, and is not interested in assimilating.

A bombshell report released last year by Channel 4 in the UK found that twenty-three-percent of British Muslims want Sharia law in the UK, eighteen-percent said that they believe homosexuality should be illegal, and forty-seven-percent said that they feel it is “unacceptable” for a gay person to be allowed to teach.

Europe has no-go zones. Do you think they’re coming to the US?

The left-wing press in the UK tried to put a positive spin on these findings by saying that a majority of British Muslims feel like they belong in the UK, but it’s hard to dispute the fact that seventy-eight-percent of British Muslims would like to assimilate into the UK only as long as Islamic schooling and Islamic teaching was supported or left alone by the state.

Islamic teaching runs counter to Western traditions, so this offer is a poisoned apple. President Trump is right to warn America about the problems associated with increased Muslim immigration.