WATCH: Trump Issues Urgent Video Message, He Wants You To Watch It

President Donald Trump is known for his to-the-point way of speaking. In a new video, he showed off some information that every single American needs to see, including the Left.

The video shows that the president is well aware of the fact that Hillary Clinton was the one colluding with Russia, rendering the Left-wing media helpless. President Trump made it clear that he has nothing to do with the Russia collusion scandal.

The video starts with the caption “WHAT HAPPENED,” obviously a nod to Clinton’s new book. The point is to shed some light on information that slipped Clinton’s mind when she was writing her memories.

The video, which was released Friday, links to a New York Post piece that was written by Paul Sperry. The title of the piece is boldly displayed, “How Team Hillary Played the Press for Fools on Russia.”

After the link, the video includes another statement, “NOW WE KNOW!” President Trump then went on to include a quote from the article. It’s quite an inclusive tweet from the president, with plenty of information for interested readers to digest.

The quote reads, “The irony is, it may have in fact been Hillary who came closer to colluding with the Russians in smearing Trump as a Russian traitor than anything Trump did in trying to beat Hillary. The information in the dossier she bought for millions came from Russian intelligence sources, and her lawyers brokered the deal with a Kremlin-tied lobbyist.”

This quote follows the news that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee worked together to fund opposition research during the election. Interestingly, the information they received on President Trump came from ex-British spy, Christopher Steele.

Despite receiving millions of dollars in funding from Russia, the Clintons stated that they had no idea that funds were going toward acquiring the Dossier. It appears that, if anything, Russia was trying to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 election.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller made the announcement on Friday that he has filed the first charges in his Russia investigation. We will find out more details about the charges as soon as Monday. It could take longer for the information to make its way into the public sphere due to the nature of investigations and criminal justice proceedings, however, this hot-button topic is likely to have all eyes on it moving forward, especially with the filings themselves being public.
Do you agree with President Trump’s video?
Mueller was initially investigating collusion between Russia and President Trump. It seems that the focus has changed now that this news has been discovered. This is something that needs to be addressed simply because Clinton’s actions are destroying our Republic.
Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s thread is starting to unravel. As media reporters patiently wait to see who will face charges Monday, we can only hope the president’s words are an indicator that it may be somebody named “Clinton.”