ALERT: Trump Issues Shocking Hillary Order, Democrats Hate It

Word is going around in the White House that President Trump is done playing games. Unnamed sources have come forward to say that the American president is taking aim at Hillary Clinton.

According to CNN, President Trump has told his aides that he wants the rest of Hillary Clinton’s emails released to the public.

“President Donald Trump has made it clear to the State Department that he wants to accelerate the release of any remaining Hillary Clinton emails in its possession as soon as possible, according to three sources familiar with the President’s thinking,” writes CNN scribes Gloria Borger, Evan Perez, and Marshall Cohen.

President Trump’s move was celebrated on social media by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Currently, Judicial Watch is trying to get its hands on FBI documents related to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private meeting with former President Bill Clinton on a Phoenix tarmac during the election last year.

Judicial Watch is also the same organization that takes credit for breaking open the story concerning Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as the Secretary of State. The group has published a large quantity of these emails.

At the moment, while simultaneously celebrating President Trump for going after the full truth concerning Hillary Clinton, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton has been outspoken about why special prosecutor Robert Mueller should be fired.

At this point, it is not entirely known what the remainder of Clinton’s emails could contain. There has been plenty of speculation, though.

Former FBI Director James Comey himself testified in the Senate that several of Clinton’s emails were found on the private computer of disgraced New York Democrat Anthony Weiner. Some of these emails, which also included Weiner’s former wife and longtime Hillary aid Huma Abedin, contained classified information.

Judging by the WikiLeaks archive on Clinton’s emails, the as-yet unreleased emails could provide more evidence about the Democratic National Committee’s attempts to sabotage the candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). There may also be more information that could further tie former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to former IT aid and suspected spy Imran Awan.

Of course, most Republicans are hoping that the emails contain more information about Mrs. Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One scandal, which has hit the American press like an artillery shell.

Despite the fact that the story was first broken by Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, back in 2015 (a story that was verified by none other than the New York Times), many in the mainstream media are in panic mode over the concrete ties that can be connected between Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, the Obama administration, and the Kremlin.

Investigative journalist and author of The Smear, Sharyl Attkisson, used her Twitter account to suggest that CNN‘s announcement that Mueller’s investigation could arrest someone as early as Monday is nothing more than an engineered smear.

“Friday leak of grand jury indictments. If you’ve ready The Smear, you probably believe it’s intended to dominate news coverage this weekend and drown out talk of Uranium One scandal. You’re pretty smart!”

Suffice it to say that the Uranium One scandal is not going away anytime soon. If all of Clinton’s emails are released, then expect the heat on Mrs. Clinton to increase tenfold.