BREAKING: Trump Issues Shock Mueller Message, This Is Huge

Special counsel Robert Mueller released his first set of indictments. Now that President Donald Trump sees where this is going, he is releasing important information on Mueller, and many are shocked.

President  Trump has revealed his thoughts in an interview with Sharyl Attkisson with the Sinclair Broadcast Group. According to The Washington Times, President Trump said that if Mueller goes through with this investigation fairly, he will be exonerated on any charges of collusion with Russia. The indictment of Paul Manafort left many people questioning who was going to fall next, and the President has assured the people that it won’t be him.

“Well I hope he’s treating everything fairly and if he is, I’m going to be very happy because when you talk about innocent, I am truly not involved in any form of collusion with Russia,” President Trump said in his interview with Sinclair Broadcast Group.

The President continued, referencing that he has enough on his plate already:  “Believe me — the last thing I can think of to be involved in.”

Considering the natural disasters in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, and California, the terrorist attack in New York City, and the left-wing biased media at his throat, he has plenty of other things that warrant his attention. President Trump went on to confirm that he does not believe he is a target of the special counsel’s investigation any longer.

“As far as I’m concerned I have not been told that we were under investigation. I’m not under investigation,” the president stated. Many people wonder how President Trump ended up hiring Manafort as his campaign chair in the first place.

The President stated that he hired Paul Manafort based on the recommendation of a friend.  President Trump ended up regretting his decision to hire Manafort, and let him go after just a couple of months.

While President Trump would not give the name of the friend who suggested he hire Manafort, he did have something to say about them. “Well it was a friend of mine who was a businessman, very successful businessman and a good person. And you know Paul was not there very long,” President Trump said of his friend and the short time that Manafort was employed with the campaign.

The President revealed why he decided to get Manafort off the campaign as soon as he did. Tellingly, President Trump confirmed that they had their suspicions about Manafort and his intentions.

Mr. Trump stated during the interview: “Well I think we found out something about him may be involved with … certain nations and I don’t even know exactly what it was in particular but there was a point at which we just felt Paul would be better off because we don’t want to have any potential conflicts.”

Paul Manafort, along with his friend and business partner, Richard Gates, got news of their indictment Monday of last week. Manafort is facing charges related to hiding payments from Ukraine in various offshore accounts. He was also not paying taxes on this money, and was then laundering it.

President Trump seems to be trying to clear his name and make it known that he got rid of Manafort as soon as suspicions arose. The president has confirmed in this interview that the American people have nothing to worry about, provided that special counsel Mueller does his job in a fair and balanced way.