WATCH: Trump Issues Powerful 5 Word Promise To Texas Hurricane Victims

Unlike previous administrations, President Trump isn’t the type of person to just stand on the sidelines and leave matters of national importance up to his experts. By character, the man has an overwhelming need to get personally involved in important affairs affecting the lives of his constituents.

Recently, Trump let beleaguered Texans know that he is standing behind them 100 percent. In a recent phone call to Governor of Texas Greg Abbott (R), the president told him that, in short, “whatever you need, you’ve got,” according to Fox News.

Hurricane Harvey has displaced tens of thousands of Texans across the southern part of the state. With 30,000 peopleminimum–needing new shelter after catastrophic flooding, this natural disaster is proving to be one of the biggest tests of the Trump administration’s flexibility and competence.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott expressed his gratitude to President Trump for his excellent response to the devastating situation, one that will cost billions of dollars and hasn’t been seen in the region since tropical storm Allison back in 2001.

Abbott commented regarding the federal government’s involvement in the situation: “I’ve spoken to the president several times, to his cabinet members such as the secretary of Homeland Security, such as the administrator of FEMA, such as Tom Price, secretary of Health and Human Services. All across the board, from the White House to the federal administration to FEMA, they’ve been very helpful.”

“We’ve been able to see this storm a week in advance and get a lot of prepositioning taken care of, whether it’s federal assets, state assets, or local assets. So when it comes to the preparation, we’ve never been more prepared for a storm than we have been this time,” the governor continued.

When asked about Trump’s personal involvement in the situation, the governor let the American public know the truth about Trump’s level of competence and sincerity.

“It’s been extremely professional, and very helpful,” Abbott said. “He called and said, ‘Governor, whatever you need, you’ve got.’ This is the quickest turnaround I’ve ever seen from the time that a governor made a disaster declaration to getting that granted.”

Abbott said that “what that means for the lay person out there is because the president so swiftly granted my application for disaster declaration, it means it triggered all the resources of FEMA to help Texas and what you will see over the coming weeks and months is a tremendous rebuilding from all this damage. A large part of that will be because of FEMA helping out.”

“We’re very appreciative of the way that the president and the White House has responded to this catastrophe,” the governor concluded.

Governor Abbott of Texas is heaping praise on President Trump and his administration for the quick action in dealing with Hurricane Harvey. Is President Trump proving to be more of a leader than the Left has been willing to admit?

Trump’s overwhelming response just goes to show you the real level of competence and concern that the president has. Liberals who believe what the mainstream media has been saying about Trump should closely examine how each time a regional or state figure has had the need to deal with the president, they end up respecting him as a person.

It goes to show you how fortunate we are to have someone of his caliber overseeing the nation.