BREAKING: Trump Issues Massive Threat to Venezuela – People Are Shocked

As we speak, the socialist nation of Venezuela is engulfed in violent protests that are dedicated to toppling the regime of Nicolas Maduro. On Friday, President Trump gave the socialist dictator a dire warning.

President Trump told reporters that he would not rule out using the “military option” in Venezuela.”We have many options for Venezuela,” the president added for further clarification (via CNN).

Trump’s military threat to Venezuela sent left-wing journalists scurrying to dash off pieces about how an American military invasion would help boost support for Maduro. While it is undoubtedly true that America is not popular in Venezuela or in much of Latin America, Maduro may be even more unpopular.

Socialist dictator Maduro has been rocked by ongoing protests that allege (with plenty of evidence) that his regime is guilty of multiple cases of voting fraud, corruption, and political oppression. Many of these protests have turned violent, with government troops and police killing protests in shockingly gruesome ways.

Just recently, several soldiers loyal to former army Captain Juan Carlos Caguaripano Scott mutinied against the Maduro government. Before the government arrested the conspirators, a coup seemed possible.

Even before this, anti-Maduro forces stole a police helicopter and bombed the Venezuelan Supreme Court and Interior Ministry. This act was supposedly done in revenge against the Maduro regime for the deaths of hundreds of protesters.

Many of these protesters were killed by armed thugs known as Colectivos. These paramilitary men on motorcycles are loyal to Maduro’s government and provide extra legal violence in the name of Bolivarian socialism.

The great tragedy of Venezuela is that the country does not have to look like this. Thanks to huge oil deposits and other natural resources, Venezuela should be the wealthiest country in South America. However, because of decades of socialism, the country’s GDP continues to drop by millions of dollars every year.

Venezuela’s currency, the Bolivar, is now worth less than the fake gold used by players of the online game World of Warcraft. This is the economic paradise that former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) championed as one of the upholders of the “American Dream.”

President Trump told reporters that he would not rule out using the “military option” in Venezuela. Should our government intervene in the socialist mess in Venezuela?

Besides warning Maduro of a possible military strike by the U.S., President Trump snubbed the dictator by refusing one of his calls yesterday. President Trump added that he would only speak to Mr. Maduro if “democracy is restored” in Venezuela. So far, Maduro has offered out his hand and has publicly announced that he is ready and willing to meet with President Trump.

President Trump’s response to the Venezuelan crisis is commendable. He is showing that America stands for free and fair elections, not socialist tyranny. By doing so, President Trump is recognizing that an ideological war must be won against socialism, with the United States representing the positive alternative.

By backing up his words with a threat of force, Mr. Trump is turning course from years of feckless leadership by former President Barrack Obama. From Caracas to Pyongyang, Trump’s Washington, D.C. seems more ready and willing to lead the world than its predecessor.