JUST IN: Trump Issues Epic New Order, Antifa Is On The Run…

Antifa and other far-Left organizations want America to be in a perennial state of chaos. Fortunately, President Donald Trump just gave the forces of law and order new muscle.

In late August, the Trump administration overturned an Obama-era ruling and authorized U.S. police forces to acquire surplus military equipment, according to the Daily Wire 

This move was immediately praised by law enforcement, and widely panned by far-Left groups.

Under President Obama, most US police forces were barred from participating in the Pentagon’s 1033 program, which allows American law enforcement agencies to purchase surplus or outdated equipment from the armed forces.

Obama’s original ruling came in the wake of the Ferguson riots, which saw many in the national media complain about “militarized” policing.

Even some libertarians were on-board with this because “militarized” police are often accused of using dirty tactics in America’s War on Drugs, and for overusing SWAT teams.

Left-libertarian author Radley Balko has made a career out of criticizing American law enforcement tactics and the so-called celebration of the “warrior cop.” President Trump does not support such rhetoric, and indeed his administration won the election in 2016 based in large part on Mr. Trump’s support for law and order.

In throwing out the Obama-era ruling, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said: “Those restrictions went too far. We will not put superficial concerns above public safety. All you need to do is turn on a TV right now to see that for Houstonians this isn’t about appearances, it’s about getting the job done and getting everyone to safety.”

Originally, the 1033 program was designed to help local law enforcement agencies to fight against well-armed drug cartels and street gangs. After 2001, the program was expanded so that law enforcement officers could have the capability to pursue counterterrorism activities.

It is clear that police officers need a little extra help, for already this year thirty-four officers have been gunned down in the line of duty. This is by far and away the largest chunk of the ninety-eight who have been killed so far this year.

As pointed out by author Heather MacDonald, the “Ferguson Effect” has seen more cops pull back from high-crime neighborhoods for their own safety and for political reasons. This effect can be seen every time there is a riot in an American city.

Municipal officials often tell their police officers to hang back and let the rioters destroy property because they are terrified of being accused of police brutality and racial discrimination.

Well, President Trump’s ruling will not solve all of these problems, but it does give police officers more options in terms of firepower and protection. Also, President Trump’s decision is a signal to all police officers in American that his administration cares more about them than it does about criminals. Such a show of solidarity cannot help but to boost morale.

President Trump continues to be America’s law and order president, a stance that is greatly needed after eight years of anarchic-tyranny under President Obama. Let us all pray that such moves reduce crime and violence across the country.