WATCH: Trump Tells Hurricane Victim To Ask Media 1 Powerful Question – It’s Perfect

President Trump has been doing more, both presidentially and personally, to help hurricane victims than the media would ever give him credit for doing. It appears, however, that the average American is becoming more aware of this fact with each passing day.

As President Trump and the First Lady traveled to Florida to meet with victims and help the emergency response efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the President met one American who had quite the question to ask to the media. On live news, he faced the cameras and asked: “Where was Obama on the last hurricane?”

The exchange was caught on CNN, as they showed live coverage of the President, the First Lady, and the Vice-President meeting First Responders and military members in an airport hangar and later traveling to an emergency distribution center in Fort Myers.

While giving water bottles, supplies, and taking pictures with those devastated by the storm, one particular man wearing a New England Patriots shirt leaned into the President’s ear and whispered a question, prompting Trump to laugh.

“This man has a question,” said Trump, as he turned the man around to face the media cameras.

The man then looked directly into the camera and asked, “Where was Obama on the last hurricane? Playing golf.” He then turned back to Trump, and when the President asked, “Was this a good vote?” he was met with the reply: “the best.”

The CNN commentators, having to deal with the comment on the fly, laughed among themselves to try and diffuse the situation.

Of course, the man’s question was more than reasonable. During the flooding in Louisiana in 2016, which the Red Cross called the worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy, Obama was on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, playing golf during a natural disaster – much to the criticism of conservatives across the country.

But even when Obama did show up to offer moral support to victims, like he did in the case of Hurricane Sandy, his focus was more on looking good for the media rather than genuinely helping the American people. Obama ended up hugging a distraught business owner for a photo-op during his tour of the carnage, promising that he would personally get her “immediate” assistance.

However, even as the picture went viral just before his pending re-election, it turned out he completely forgot about this woman, having used her just for his own personal political gain. When the woman in question tried contacting him again via e-mail, he sent her a form letter, thanking her for supporting the troops.

This all is an undeniable stark contrast with the actions of the current President. “We love the people of Florida,” said Trump to a group of reporters after touring through the state’s devastated areas.

“They went through something I guess you can say the likes of which we’ve never seen. [The storm] came in as a [Category] Five. All you have to do is look at what happened in the Keys. We love these people and we’re going to be back!” he concluded.

What a difference a presidency makes.