BREAKING: Trump Humiliates NFL, Brutally Exposes Them

President Trump has made it no secret that he, like many other Americans, opposes kneeling during the national anthem. He has fought fiercely, and his most recent comments on the  NFL expresses his frustration to the fullest.

In a country overflowing with political correctness, it was no surprise when over 200 NFL players started kneeling during the national anthem to battle “police brutality,” while they do nothing in the communities they are outraged over. President Trump took to Twitter to declare, “The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Total disrespect for our great country!” This is the kind of patriotism the Left has been working to destroy.

The trend started last season when Colin Kaepernick, who formerly played for the San Francisco 49ers, knelt during the anthem as a protest of issues he considered racism and police brutality. As last season carried on, no one paid that much attention and the kneeling was all but forgotten.

Fast forward to the next season when no one would hire Kaepernick because of his actions, and suddenly the Left went into a frenzy. Before long, it took on the over-blown tone of a trumped-up racial issue centering on absolutely nothing.

Directly after the two-day autumn meeting with team owners, players, and the union leaders in Manhattan, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke with reporters. He stated the protests were about, “the issues that our players have been trying to bring attention to. About issues in our communities to make our communities better.”

In other words, he picked the side of the players. While people do have rights of free speech and expression, many consider it disrespectful to the country, military, and flag to kneel during the national anthem.

Many would argue that the hypocrisy in the situation makes it worse. The players will happily kneel, but are rarely–if ever–seen out in their communities trying to make a change where the perceived injustices are taking place.

Their anger seems to stem from the misguided idea that there are thousands of white police officers brutalizing African-Americans. Yet, they seem to ignore the fact that the percentage of black on black homicides in the US is an astounding 89.3 percent. Why are they not concerned with this startling figure?

Regardless of why they are protesting, President Trump is sticking to his guns, declaring that kneeling during the national anthem is a complete disgrace. This same sentiment is championed by Vice President Mike Pence.

During an Indianapolis Colts game, Pence left the stadium because players were kneeling during the national anthem. Some called this a “political stunt,” but it seems to be in line with his feelings on the protests. In fact, he even had a conversation with President Trump about it before he went to the game.

Trump is humiliating the NFL over their behavior. Is their disgraceful behavior coming to an end?

Pence told Fox59, “You know we had had plans for a long time to attend that game. Karen and I were looking very much forward to it, but frankly, when we saw that so many players took a knee on the sideline we thought it was the right thing to do to leave.”

The NFL players might see this as a way for them to “voice their opinion,” but many agree they need to express their political views off the football field. People watch football games for entertainment, not to subject themselves to political propaganda.

President Trump has shown in his tweets and interviews that he sides with the American people on this issue.