BREAKING: Trump Humiliates Hillary

President Trump has always seemed to do a good job of putting people in their place. An early morning tweet sent out by Trump is now leaving Hillary Clinton at a loss for words.

The president took to his Twitter account to express his annoyance at the behavior of former Secretary of State Clinton. The tweet read, “After allowing North Korea to research and build Nukes while Secretary of State (Bill C also), Crooked Hillary now criticizes.” This is not the first time the president has criticized the former secretary of state and likely will not be the last.

President Trump was responding to Clinton’s remarks made while she spoke on CBS‘s The Late Show. During her interview, she said that the president’s message at the UN was not good.

“I thought it was very dark, dangerous, not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering,” Clinton said. Her remarks come after Kim Jong-un’s continuous and multiple threats saying that he would destroy the United States and leave us covered in fire.

President Trump’s message at the United Nations was slightly unorthodox, but he was on point as he spoke. He clearly stated that the United States would do everything in its power to make sure that we are safe, as well as our allies.

He did then go on to say that if, and only if, Kim decided to attack us we would, “totally destroy North Korea,” and their regime. It was a strong and clear message that spoke of strength and unity with our allies.

Clinton clarified that she wanted the president to say, “something along the lines of, you know, we view this as dangerous to our allies, to the region, and even to our country. We call on all nations to work with us to try to end the threat posed by Kim Jong-un.”

The only problem is this: President Trump did say that he wanted to work with our allies to end the threat posed by Kim. If a diplomatic agreement can’t be made, we will destroy them. Again, the message was clear.

Clinton then backpedaled and said, “And not call him ‘Rocket Man,’ the old Elton John song, but to say, clearly, we will not tolerate any attacks on our friends or ourselves.” Again, it was stated by the president that we wouldn’t tolerate any attacks.

Hillary didn’t like what Trump had to say to the UN. Does anyone care what Hillary thinks?

The failed presidential candidate and former secretary of state appeared on The Late Show to promote her new book. Some are calling the promotional tour, “The Blame Game.” The reason for this is in her new book, What Happened; she blamed everyone but herself for losing the election.

The question Americans need to be asking is, why would President Trump take advice from someone who is unwilling to accept responsibility for their own actions? How valuable can their opinion be?

The answer is not very clear. This would explain why Trump had no problem destroying her via tweet after her “assessment” of his UN speech.