WATCH: Trump Humiliates Hillary On Live TV, She Had This Coming

If anyone expected Hillary Clinton to bow out gracefully from the public spotlight, they were wrong. Mrs. Clinton, who has lost almost every major race that she has taken part in, somehow still believes that she can lead #TheResistance against President Trump.

President Trump apparently loves the idea. When speaking to journalists about the ongoing Russian probe, President Trump mocked the idea of Clinton running again in 2020. “Oh, I hope Hillary runs. Is she going to run? I hope–Hillary please run again!” President Trump said.

It seems clear that President Trump does not see any threat in Clinton running again.

During the same press conference, President Trump twisted the knife in further after one reporter brought up the fact that Clinton has said that she did not see the national anthem protests in the NFL as “disrespectful.”

“I fully understand why she didn’t win,” the president said.

President Trump’s remarks indicate that he believes that his brand of nationalist populism is much more palatable to the American public than Mrs. Clinton’s globalist progressivism.

However, Clinton supporters would likely chide the president by reminding him that Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote. This meaningless victory, when put into the context of an American map, shows just how isolated the Democrat Party has become.

Many Democrats are starting to recognize this, and have blamed Clinton for the party’s historic weakness. One major Democrat donor told the media that the Dems would be better off if Clinton just “shut up” and went away.

The far-Left fringe of the party is also rising up against Clinton allies like Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY). The friction between these groups came to the fore when illegal immigrant protesters stormed a pro-DACA conference held by Pelosi. These protesters were upset that Pelosi and Schumer had spoken with President Trump about cutting some kind of deal with “Dreamers,” or those illegal immigrants who were granted immunity by an executive order signed by President Barack Obama.

The Pelosi protesters wanted nothing less than complete citizenship for all of America’s illegal immigrants. This platform, if adopted by the Democrats, could motivate millions of Hispanic and Asian immigrants to go to the voting polls, but it would certainly backfire and drive many more Americans into the arms of the Republican Party.

For the Democrats, finding a new face to lead the party is paramount. Two of the names that have come to the forefront are Kamala Harris of California and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. While both are popular among left-wing Democrats, if they both decided to run, there is a high probability that party support would divide between racial lines. Mrs. Harris is black and Indian, while Warren is a white woman who once claimed that she was part Native American, allegedly in order to meet a Harvard University diversity quota.

Trump said he hopes Hillary runs against him in 2020. Do you think he would win?

Such racial politics played out in California when Harris ran for her Senate seat in 2016. Harris’ challenger was Democrat Loretta Sanchez. Ultimately, the race¬†became a decision between the Democrat Party’s four main constituencies: women, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. Many commentators noted that both Harris and Sanchez tried to play to their respective races during the election.

Is this the future that the Democrat Party wants? As it stands, Dems are stuck between a repeatedly failed candidate named Hillary Clinton, and an army of identity politicians.