BREAKING: Trump-Hater Who Threatened Trump Flees America

Ever since Donald Trump ran for president, he has had to deal with more than his fair share of critics. However, it seems that one famous celebrity is fleeing the country for good.

Famous rapper and producer Snoop Dogg has joined the growing list of celebrities that have left America since Trump got elected. It seems that he will be living in Toronto, Canada, instead of the United States, according to Business Insider.

Following Trump’s victory in the presidential election, Snoop Dogg had decided to leave this country for good. Posting a picture of Toronto’s famous CN tower and calling the city his “new home,” the famous rapper jokingly asked that Toronto native Drake help him find a home.

Snoop Dogg has been one of most ardent anti-Trump celebrities in the public sphere. After the presidential election was over, he tweeted that the “worst day in America 9/11, 2nd worst day in America 11/9,” referring to the day Trump was elected.

He also posted a video of himself watching Clinton’s vice presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, speaking at Clinton’s concession speech. He proceeded to criticize her choice of Kaine as a weak candidate in an expletive-filled commentary, lamenting that she should have chosen Bernie Sanders as her running mate instead.

But these things don’t come even close to his most controversial moment, where Snoop Dogg “assassinated” a Trump lookalike in a recent music video he made. The Trump-impersonating clown, dubbed “Ronald Klump,” is seen in the video at a press conference where a TV news crawl reads “Ronald Klump wants to deport all doggs.” Snoop Dogg later fired a fake pistol at the Trump lookalike, with the character later appearing in chains at the end of the video.

The video was both a shocking illustration of the mentality of anti-Trump sympathizers, as well as an extremely controversial move on the part of Snoop Dogg, who earned many critics that day.

“We’ve had presidents assassinated before in this country, so anything like that is something people should be really careful about,” said Marco Rubio, former Republican primary candidate. “I think people can disagree on policy, but we’ve got to be careful about the kind of thing because the wrong person sees that and gets the wrong idea and you could have a real problem.”

Snoop Dogg’s line of thought is more of a reality than one would think. A few months ago, James Hodgkinson, a Sanders supporting anti-Trump sympathizer, opened fire at GOP members of Congress during a baseball practice, hospitalizing five people including Steve Scalise (R-LA).

It’s hard to quantify just how much of an impact these anti-Trump messages have on those who may be leaning towards violence. However, it can’t be denied that Snoop Dogg, along with other popular celebrities and the mainstream media, has a role to play in fanning these divisive flames across the nation.

Snoop Dogg isn’t the only one to leave the US. Madonna, who threatened to blow up the White House at a women’s rally, also has departed the country, having chosen Lisbon, Portugal as her new home.

As for conservatives across the nation, it is doubtful that they will particularly miss this anti-Trump figure.