BREAKING: Trump Goes Nuclear On Hillary, It’s Absolutely Brutal

Ever since the election of November 2016, Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump have constantly been involved in a war of words. This war shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

On Saturday, President Trump tweeted out a major slam on Clinton: “Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!”

President Trump’s criticism did not come from out of nowhere — his tweet was likely in response to an interview that Clinton did with the far-Left magazine Mother Jones on Friday.

In the interview, Clinton once again questioned the legitimacy of the 2016 election.

Clinton criticized Republican voter ID laws, shortened early voting periods, and voting “irregularities” in certain states.

“In a couple of places, most notably Wisconsin, I think it had a dramatic impact on the outcome,” Clinton said.

In late 2016/early 2017, the Clinton campaign actually joined with Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, in order to demand a recount in certain states. These efforts wound up finding 131 more votes for Trump.

Clinton has now realized that complaining about the election is better than actually recounting votes in certain states.

President Trump’s twitter slam on Clinton also suggests that she is nothing short of electoral poison for the Democrats. A poll this summer found that Clinton is still more unpopular than Trump. Among certain voters (white working class members, white men, conservative Christians, the military), the name “Hillary Clinton” is scorned.

It could be that Clinton’s constant shouts of “illegitimate” are done in order to support the investigation conducted by Robert Mueller, which many Democrats see as their best hope of impeaching President Trump. However, one of the people indicted by Mueller is none other than Tony Podesta, the brother and business partner of Clinton’s former campaign advisor.

That campaign advisor, John Podesta, may face an investigation following perjury accusations over his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee concerning the Clinton campaign’s funding of the “dirty dossier” compiled by Fusion GPS.

Because of these accusations of corruption, the Podestas are considered all but done in the world of Washington politics.

Clinton herself may soon face increased heat concerning the details of the Uranium One scandal. More to the point, former FBI agent William Campbell has claimed that he has video evidence of Hillary Clinton accepting bribes directly from Russian officials.

Campbell has been cleared to testify before Congress after trying to go public with his information for at least five years. According to him, his explosive information got stonewalled repeatedly by the Obama administration, especially by Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Overall, House Republicans have mused the idea of opening up a second independent investigation into Clinton’s dealings during the Uranium One deal that saw Rosatom, a Kremlin-backed company, acquire twenty-percent of America’s uranium supply. Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer claims that the Clinton Foundation got millions out of the deal, and many politicians have already seconded this idea.