WATCH: Trump Just Gave The Order – Kim Jong-Un Panicking

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s recent comments against President Trump’s message to the UN assembly has shown just how troubled the young leader is. Despite his attempts to appear tough, it’s becoming clearer that his nation is crumbling beneath the weight of new sanctions.

In a move that should have been done over 11 administrations ago, Trump’s recent sanctions against North Korea have been more effective than many first anticipated. As the economic pressure mounts, Kim Jong-un’s recent direct message to Trump, a first, called him a plethora of names, revealing just how much pressure the young leader is facing, according to the Washington Post.

The latest economic sanctions announced by the Trump administration stand as an effort to help unite the international community against the actions of the rogue nation, whose constant escalation of tensions, thanks to Kim Jong-un’s policies, has reached a level unseen since the Cold War.

In summary, these sanctions financially penalize nations, companies, and individuals currently interacting with North Korea, forcing them to choose between doing business in the United States or with the tiny economy of North Korea.

Trump’s executive order also gives the Treasury Department additional authority to help cut off international trade and financing that Kim uses to help prop up his nation’s weapons programs.

In a recent direct announcement, something that he has never done before, Kim has threatened to escalate tensions even further – quite likely out of desperation. North Korea “will consider with seriousness exercising of a corresponding, highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history,” he said, calling Trump actions “mentally deranged behavior.”

“I will make the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the U.S. pay dearly for his speech,” Kim proclaimed in a statement released by the official North Korean Central News Agency.

In order to do this, Ri Yong Ho, foreign minister of North Korea, said the nation might begin testing a nuclear weapon over the Pacific Ocean, inching ever closer to the American mainland.

Former allies of the regime have begun to distance themselves as well. Trump mentioned that Chinese President Xi Jimping ordered Chinese banks to cease conducting business with any North Korean elements, a move that Trump praised, calling it “very bold” and “somewhat unexpected.”

With their chief ally and economic partner cutting off economic relations, North Korea is losing one of their only avenues of access to the global economy. Over 90 percent of the rogue nation’s economy involves the Chinese, so this move may very well be the death knell for Kim’s ambitions.

With gasoline, just one vital commodity in any economy, having jumped up in price by 45.1 percent thanks to recent sanctions (prior to the announcement from the Chinese government), most economists expect a similar rise in vital commodity costs as the financial pressure continues to mount. Diesel has already surged by 61.5 percent in the same period between Sept 5 to Sept 13, according to an analysis from Reuters.

It should be noted that North Korea gets most of its fuel from China and Russia, and with the former now ceasing its economic relationship, prices will skyrocket even further.

As the North Korean leader gets more desperate, this entire situation might be entering its final act, facing a demise appropriately similar to that of the Soviet Union – economic implosion.