BREAKING: Trump Makes Game-Changing ‘Refugee’ Move, Obama Hates It

The topic of immigration is important to every voter who goes to the polls. This issue is so crucial because it impacts everyone’s lives — in one way or another.

President Donald Trump said that he intended to reduce the number of immigrants coming into this country every year. According to Fox News, refugee admittance has dropped ever since President Trump took office. Admission is down 87 percent from the first month of fiscal year 2018. 

There were 9945 refugees in fiscal year 2017, and only 1242 this year. That is quite a change, and it shows that the President is keeping his campaign trail promises.

These gains can be attributed to the “enhanced vetting” procedures put in place by President Trump. Enhanced vetting is, in part, a second iteration of President Trump’s travel ban.

The ban prevented people from entering the United States, if they originated from certain countries deemed to have high levels of terroristic activity. While there was extreme backlash over the order, the President felt that it was necessary to implement the ban in order to keep the United States safe, and so he forged ahead.

CBS reports that the new “enhanced vetting” policies apply to 11 unidentified countries that pose a high risk to US national security. The applications coming in from those particular countries will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

This new vetting procedure allows the federal government to collect additional information about refugee applicants, to better determine whether or not applicants are fit to enter the country. The government will now also check the legal and criminal status of refugees.

With this enhanced vetting in place, there will inevitably be longer-than-usual wait times to enter the country. These are the steps the government needs to take in order to ensure everyone who comes into the United States comes here with the best intentions, and helps keep the American people safe.

When Former President Obama was in office, he set the refugee cap to 110,000 per year. President Trump has moved that number down to 45,000 in order to secure more US jobs for US natives.

The number of Muslim refugees entering the country has also dropped.

Is President Trump’s stance on refugees effective?

When President Trump first ran for office, his stated goal was to make America’s borders more secure than ever before. The President is doing what he can to make sure the country is safer. This is evident to all patriotic Americans who have paid attention to the good deeds Mr. Trump’s administration is responsible for. The Left and the mainstream media will continue to portray the President’s every action in a negative light, though it’s clear that this is nothing more than a political smear. America’s streets are markedly safer since President Trump took office.

Some might not be happy about this change in refugee admittance, but they would be hard-pressed to say that it doesn’t make the country a safer place. This is why it’s imperative the President is given a fair chance, and opponents stop doubting his actions before giving them a chance to take root.