ALERT: Trump’s Pick to Lead FBI Just Gave Dems BAD News. Show Your Support.

President Trump announced his pick for FBI director in early July. Christopher Wray, a long-time attorney who previously served in the Justice Department under President George W. Bush, sat before a congressional hearing for his confirmation this week.

Should Wray become the next FBI director, it could mean an official investigation into alleged collusion between the DNC and the Ukrainian government to damage Trump’s campaign, based upon what Wray implied during his hearing. “Happy to dig into it,” he said. (via The Washington Examiner)

Accusations have been flying lately of a supposed connection between the Trump administration Russia, but Politico Global may have uncovered evidence that it was actually the Democratic National Committee (DNC) who colluded with a foreign power.

“If you’re looking for an example of a campaign coordinating with a foreign country or a foreign source, look no further than the DNC, who actually coordinated opposition research with the Ukrainian Embassy,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters on Monday.

Politico appeared to confirm this back in January,  where they found that Ukrainian officials assisted allies of Hillary Clinton in researching information that would damage Trump and his team.

Trump White House aide, Sebastian Gorka, told a reporter from CNN that the DNC was “sending its people to the Ukrainian embassy to coordinate oppo attacks against our candidate.” He asserted, “If you want to see collusion, it’s in the DNC. I mean it is up to their necks.”

Even Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who is known for his skepticism of the Trump administration, seemed to want answers as he brought up the story to Wray during his questioning. He read the excerpt: “Donald Trump wasn’t the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials of a former Soviet bloc country,” and asked Wray if he would look into it. Wray responded that he was “happy to dig into it.”

The Politico report published earlier this year stated that Ukrainian President Poroshenko rushed to change the dynamic of the conversation, entering into a lucrative contract with a Washington lobbying firm that would establish meetings between U.S. and Ukrainian officials.

But where does the Politico report tie the allegations of a possible DNC-Ukraine collusion?

Allegedly, Ukraine’s cold attitude toward the Trump team and their preference for Clinton goes back to 2013.  According to the report, Paul Manafort — who later become Trump’s campaign manager — was advising Yanukovych at the time. Instead of entering into an EU agreement to combat corruption, Yanukovych pulled out and entered into a deal with Russia instead to bail Ukraine out of its financial problems. Protests opposing the deal sprung up around the country and Yanukovych left the country — and into the protection of Putin in Russia. (via Politico)

Politico also reported that a “veteran Democratic operative,” named as Alexandra Chalupa, was guided by the Ukrainian embassy during Trump’s campaign to research his ties with Russia. What has raised speculation is that at the same time, she was an ethnic outreach consultant in communications with the DNC.

When asked about her connections, Chalupa admitted that she “occasionally shared her findings with officials from the DNC and Clinton’s campaign.” According to Politico, Chalupa helped a Democratic operative attempt to impede the Trump campaign to ensure Hillary Clinton’s presidential election.

Chalupa admitted to Politico that she had “a network of people in Kiev and Washington – including Ukrainian government officials – who would pass her information that she then wanted to pass to the DNC and Clinton campaign.” She also stated that she “felt there was a Russia connection.”

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Not surprisingly, the DNC has emphatically denied the allegations, stating that they never “got any actual information…It was hearsay in the hallway conversation, there was never any formal conversation or paper research.”

Wray has already confirmed to Sen. Jeff Sessions that he would be more than willing to look into a DNC-Ukraine corruption connection. If he is confirmed, Wray will be the new FBI director, and possibly the lead investigation into Democratic collusion during the election — something many of us have been waiting for.