BREAKING: Trump Fans Make Powerful Move to Stop Shepard Smith. Support Them?

Longtime viewers of Fox News have long suspected that host Shepard Smith is a closet liberal. Recently, Smith revealed his true colors, which has conservatives justifiably up in arms.

Trump supporters and other viewers of Fox News have launched a “Fire Shepard Smith” campaign based on the fact that Smith regularly presents “fake news” on the channel. Rather than report the headlines, Smith is often guilty of promoting liberal progressivism at every turn. (via Truthfeed)

Most recently, Smith has become a darling of the left because he has criticized the Trump administration for “lying” about their connections to Russia.

Many far-left outlets have reported Smith’s outburst as an “anti-Trump tirade,” which they heartily support.

Of course, the very idea that Trump’s team has lied about their connections with Russia is utter nonsense.

Donald Trump, Jr., who is currently embroiled in a media circus over his 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer, took to Twitter in order to publish his entire email chain concerning the meeting.

Despite the hysteria coming from the mainstream media, even liberal law professors agree that Trump, Jr. committed no crime.

This means that Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) and his calls of “treason” are downright slanderous.

Smith’s reporting on the whole Trump-Russia theory does not account for what the alternative media has discovered about the Russian lawyer that Trump, Jr. met. Namely, Natalia Veselnitskaya not only has ties to liberal mega donor George Soros, but she is also deeply linked with Fusion GPS, the private intelligence firm that released the discredited “Trump Dossier.”

Given the fact that Christopher Steele, a former MI-6 agent, is one of the ringleaders of Fusion GPS, many are starting to think that Trump, Jr. was set-up by the deep state.

Smith has yet to acknowledge any of this research. Smith’s shoddy reporting is not only hurting Fox News’ declining reputation, but it is also hurting its viewers who expect top-notch conservative news.

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Smith should not be too sad, however. If he is fired, then he would find a welcoming committee waiting for him at CNN or MSNBC. The free market of ideas means that there are news outlets for everyone. Clearly, Smith is no longer a good fit for Fox, and the station should be looking for a suitable replacement.

If this story means anything profound, then it means that the “alternative” media is now the new and better media. Rather than rely on just one mainstream source for conservative opinion, Americans can fire up their computers and support those reporters doing the real grunt work in order to break the left-liberal stranglehold on information.