BREAKING: Trump Fan Silences Obama “Dreamers” With The Perfect Question

Liberals often don’t seem to understand what common sense actually is, and Trump’s recent decision to repeal DACA, and deal with the 800,000 illegal immigrants it protects, is a matter of common sense. To get it through the heads of these liberals, there is a need to speak in a language they understand.

One Trump supporter is giving liberals an example they can understand. “If your parents sneak you into Disneyland without paying, is it Disney’s fault when you are booted out, or is it the fault of your parents?” Liberals are too scared to answer the question. If you don’t get mad at Disney for “kicking people out,” then why would you be mad about our country doing the same thing?

Trump’s announcement to repeal DACA has resulted in both outrage and sorrow from those who supported the legislation. As an Obama-era pet project that aimed to protect the children of illegal immigrants brought into the country, over 800,000 individuals qualified under the program, which President Trump’s administration just repealed.

Of course, ever since it was announced that these people needed to go back, liberals have tried to emotionally manipulate Americans into a response. In reality, Trump is not kicking out all 800,000 illegal immigrants shielded by DACA immediately. Since the program is being expired over six months, it lets the people affected prepare themselves and make the necessary arrangements.

Unlike what liberals would have you believe, children aren’t going to be rounded up and herded like cattle across the border.

This Twitter post from Steph brings the point to bear. If sneaking into Disneyland illegally is wrong, immoral, and justifies getting kicked out from the establishment, then why is illegal immigration not treated the same way?

These were people who broke federal law by entering the country illegally. Yet, somehow, people are upset when law enforcement takes measures to stop this. America is proudly a nation of immigrants, but the point is that those immigrants came into this country legally.

Of course, many have criticized the decision to rescind DACA, with Barack Obama saying himself that DACA recipients are a “group of young people” who “pose no threat.” It turns out the exact opposite is true – these people are adults, and the average age is 25 years old!

The most likely reason Democrat politicians and other liberals want to protect illegal immigrants, and in some cases even naturalize them and give them US citizenship, is to forever slant the voting bloc against conservatives. Once enough Democrat-voting immigrants are brought into the nation, the conservative voting bloc will become so diluted that no Republican will ever win the presidency again.

Ann Coulter, prominent conservative author, said, “If immigration continues the way it has been going, we are looking at 100 years of President Obamas.” Although this was said back during the Obama administration, many conservatives still worry that even after Trump’s presidency, all it will take is one liberal president to undo much of the progress Trump will have made.

Repealing DACA isn’t about being cruel, it’s about protecting this nation.

People are always welcome to come into the country and start a new life here – but they have to follow the law.