BREAKING: Trump Exposes Massive Obama Scandal

Unsurprisingly, President Trump wants to tighten up the borders around the United States. The president’s goal is to make our country not only great again, but also safe again.

In an attempt to make our country safer, Trump reinstated the way that customs officers handle cargo coming in from Mexico, according to Judicial Watch. Under the Obama administration, they were lax on the cargo trucks that came into Mexico, resulting in massive quantities of fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, amongst other drugs, entering the US. The fact that this simple, yet effective, rule needed to be reinstated means that the Obama administration either didn’t enforce it or purposely disregarded it. 

Patricia Cramer, a veteran member of the US Customs, said, “We felt like we were the welcoming committee and not like we were guarding our borders.” Cramer is also the president of the Arizona chapter of the US Customs Employee Union.

Cramer also noted, “The order was to facilitate traffic, not to stop any illegal drugs from entering the country…We want to enforce the law. That’s what we signed up for.” In other words, under Obama’s presidency, US Customs was ordered to monitor the traffic, and they could screen random cargo trucks if they felt the need.

The US Department of Transportation reports that approximately 471,000 trucks cross the border between Mexico and the United States monthly. If random searches have taught them anything, it is that drugs are constantly being secreted into the country.

A Homeland Security Department official reported to Judicial Watch that they were instructed not to touch or look at cattle trucks under Obama because it frightened the cows. Once the Mexican drug cartels obtained this knowledge, their obvious next step was to load the cattle trucks with their drugs since they would never get checked.

US Customs stated that most of the drugs that are brought over from Mexico are often hidden with real goods. The idea is that they hide the drugs with the “real” goods, and they are granted access into the country without a problem.

Considering that most drugs in the United States come from Mexico, there are substantial reasons to check cargo loads that look legitimate at first glance. The fact of the matter is the Mexican drug cartels have been doing this for years, and smuggling is their expertise.

Cramer, who was initially interviewed by Judicial Watch, said the cartel knows what is going on at our border, even if they aren’t directly visible. They will often sit on the hills and mountains on the Mexican side and watch their cargo go through US Customs. If something goes wrong, or they get waved through, the cartel members know.

Obama enabled the drug cartels to bring even more narcotics into the US, resulting in an opioid crisis unlike anything we have ever seen. Because Trump reinstated the order to check every cargo truck that crosses the border, there is hope that future lives will be saved from the drug epidemic and cartel violence.