WATCH: Trump Ex-Wife Reveals Truth About Him, People Should Listen

Ivana Trump, President Trump’s ex-wife, had the chance to speak out about how she thinks her ex-husband is doing as president, and her opinion on Melania and more. President Trump and Ivana were married from 1977 until 1992.

Ivana Trump appeared on “The Ray D’Arcy Show” to talk about various aspects of the President’s job. She admitted that Mr. Trump must be missing his old life. Ivana went on to express that the President must be “exhausted” from working all day, every day. The message she was passing on seemed clear enough; President Trump sacrificed so much for the country that allowed him to be as successful as he is today. 

“He was in Trump Tower, he would go to Mar-a-Lago, and go to play golf at Westchester and things like that… now from 8:00 in the morning till midnight, he’s working, working, working, and everybody shouts at him the problem of that country, the new rule,” Mr. Trump’s ex-wife reflected.

In the President’s old life as a citizen, he would enjoy his days playing golf and relaxing. After all, wasn’t he entitled to that after building successful companies?

Apparently, President Trump felt that his job was not yet done. He wanted to make a big change in the United States after the dust has settled and he had the chance to live the dream life.

“I don’t envy him. I think he must be freaking exhausted. I would be too,” Ivana Trump continued. When his ex-wife is speaking so highly of him, it is apparent that she sees that he is working for the greater good and not holding a petty grudge.

Ivana Trump had the chance to explain the drama that stirred up between herself and Melania Trump, the current first lady. The two had a disagreement back in October.

Ivana Trump claimed, “I said I’m the first Trump Lady.” While she has a point, technically speaking, Melania still didn’t take kindly to the statement. Ivana said that Melania “went bananas over it,” in regards to the comment.

As if to clarify her point, Ivana said, “I was married to Donald, and I have three kids with him, and I have no idea why she resents it. Leave it at that, who cares?”

This statement prompted another question from Ray. He asked Ivana how she thinks Melania is doing as the first lady.

Ivana Trump had no qualms about telling the American people how hard her ex-husband, Pres. Donald Trump is working. Do you believe that Donald Trump has an exemplary work ethic?

Giving credit where credit is due, Ivana responded, “I think she is trying her best.” Despite their differences, it is impossible to deny the immense pressure Melania likely feels being a target of the media while working every day.

Ivana Trump, who is the mother of President Trump’s three oldest children, Donald Trump Junior, Ivanka Trump Kushner and Eric Trump, has a level of respect for her ex-husband and First Lady Melania. She admitted that the job seems difficult and is likely exhausting, especially with the way that the press covers President Trump.

Many were happy to see Ivana come out and give President Trump praise for managing to hold this country together in these trying times of “fake news” and baseless claims throughout the media and Washington.