HE DID IT: Trump Issues Epic Executive Order That Has Liberals Melting Down

One of the biggest accusations heard from the Left over the past couple of months, especially in the past few days, is that President Trump is a racist. This is despite the fact that he has spoken out against white supremacists and stated that we have no room for racism in the United States.

Also seemingly forgotten is the important executive order that President Trump signed earlier this year. The order can be found on the official White House website, titled “Presidential Executive Order on The White House Initiative to Promote Excellence and Innovation at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” The order is designed to build better, more productive colleges for black students. 

President Trump signed the order and stated that these schools would be “an absolute priority for this White House,” according to PBS. The goal was to increase funding so that more could be done to further the education and lives of people attending the colleges.

Over a period of seven years, Obama gave $4 billion to the schools. More than 100 schools are requesting $25 million to get out of the pit that the former administration left them in.

Many of the leaders of the HBCUs were happy that Trump made such a bold move. Lezi Baskerville stated, “This is a great day for my membership and a great day for America.”

Larry Robinson, the president of Florida A&M University, said that he felt it was important to talk to federal agents about budget concerns. He said that it was necessary “regardless of who’s sitting in the White House, or what their political affiliations are.”

Trump’s plan will move the Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities from the Department of Education to front and center of the executive office of the White House. Promising trends are coming to these schools that they have needed for many years.

The goal here is to use the extra money to make infrastructure improvements where needed, help graduates of these schools find the high paying jobs they deserve, assist in joining these schools with secondary schools to create more opportunities, and to provide more grants so more students can attend.

It has been a rough journey for the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. It started with an executive order from Ronald Reagan in 1981. From that point, it shifted from the White House to the Department of Education via George W. Bush in 2002, and now, under President Trump, it is back to the White House.

Hopefully, this move will help encourage more black students to attend college. Statistically speaking, more black students are attending these historically black schools, but the average number of black students overall has dropped from 18 percent in 1976 to eight percent in 2014.

President Trump has shown that he is committed to helping all Americans succeed — regardless of race. Sometimes a fresh reminder is all that’s needed.

Perhaps the next time someone makes the baseless accusation of Trump being a white supremacist, they will remember this executive order. The order marks a positive moment in history and the beginning of President Trump’s legacy.