JUST IN: Trump Ends Obama’s Pro-Terrorist “Freebie”

President Trump is calling for the end of the double-standard policy of former President Obama which rewarded terrorists while condemning their victims.

President Trump has officially offered his support for the Taylor Force Act currently winding its way through Congress, reports ABC News. The bill is named after Taylor Force, a Texas native and Army veteran, who died in a terrorist attack while studying in Israel. After Force’s death, the family of his killer was offered a monthly cash award by the Palestinian Authority (PA). The Taylor Force act will attempt to end these martyr payments.

Taylor Force was stabbed to death while visiting Israel for his studies in global entrepreneurship. Bashar Masalha, a Palestinian, who was illegally residing in Israel, launched a stabbing spree in 2016 that resulted in ten people wounded and the death of an American veteran. The terrorist was shot by Israeli police while attempting to flee.

After his death, Bashar Masalha’s family began to collect a monthly stipend about four times as large as the average monthly wage of a Palestinian. Recipients of the martyr fund receive up to $3500 per month.

Republicans in Congress introduced the Taylor Force Act in response to the brutal stabbing. The act would block US Aid to the Palestinian Authority equal to the amount of money they contribute to their martyr fund.

President Trump came out in support of the legislation through a State Department announcement. “The Trump administration strongly supports the Taylor Force Act, which is a consequence of Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization’s policy of paying terrorists and their families,” the announcement explained.

The State Department added that President Trump, “raised the need to end any part of this program that incentivizes violence against Israeli and American citizens with President Mahmoud Abbas last May in both Washington and Bethlehem.”

In May, around the time of Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas’s visit to Washington, Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Tom Cotton (R-AR), wrote a letter to President Trump urging him to demand the end of the “pay to slay” program which rewards killing innocents, reports Breitbart News.

“The Palestinian Authority spends around $300 million a year – about eight percent of its budget – paying salaries and benefits to convicted terrorists and their families, including to those who have killed Americans, such as US Army veteran Taylor Force. Far from being an informal practice, these payments are codified in Palestinian Authority law,” they wrote in the letter.

“The more deadly the attack, the larger the payments. Alongside lavish financial benefits, PA law establishes assistance programs to promote the careers of those who served time in jail for attacks – in essence, an affirmative action program for terrorists, funded by US aid,” the senators explained.

The Palestinians financially reward the families of terrorists who martyr themselves to kill others. Does this make the Palestinian Authority complicit in terror attacks against Israel?

The Palestinian Authority rejects the American characterization of their martyr fund. A top Palestinian delegate to the United States claimed that the fund is intended to provide support for those “who lost their breadwinners to the atrocities of the occupation, the vast majority of whom are unduly arrested or killed by Israel.”

This explanation falls flat, however, as critics insist that millions of dollars have been given to those who commit acts of terrorism and are sentenced to prison.