BREAKING: Trump Drops Truth Bomb On Media

President Donald Trump is known for his multi-million dollar businesses, his leadership skills, and his sharp, honest way of speaking. During one of his last posts on Twitter, he decided to drop a powerful truth bomb on the media.

On Sunday, President Trump proclaimed on Twitter that, “It is finally sinking through. 46% OF PEOPLE BELIEVE MAJOR NATIONAL NEWS ORGS FABRICATE STORIES ABOUT ME. FAKE NEWS, even worse! Lost cred.” This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Americans have watched the media fabricate stories — particularly about President Trump — since he was only a candidate.

Since his presidency, however, the media has become a lot more blatant about their ability to report information that is completely false in the hopes of demonizing President Trump. This is not simple scrutiny on how he is doing as president; these are bald-faced lies.

President Trump is exactly right in his figure that about 46 percent of the country believes that most major news outlets manufacture and promote “fake news.” Results from the study were reported by Politico, a typically left-leaning organization.

In total, 46 percent of people surveyed believe that the media fabricates stories about President Trump, while 37 percent believe the media reports it straight. Finally, 17 percent in the group are undecided as to who is responsible.

Broken down by political affiliation the numbers get even more revealing. A total of 76 percent of Republicans believe that the media does a lot of inventing when it comes to reporting stories about the President.

Only 20 percent of Democrats, or about one in five, believe that the mainstream media is lying about President Trump. This is interesting because it is mostly left-wing media groups that take part in the fictitious story telling.

Finally, 44 percent of Independent voters believe that the mainstream media is inventing stories about the President. Considering the negative perception that the media pretends he has, it is telling that almost half of Independents think the media is lying.

The most recent “fake news” accusation by President Trump refers to the media’s false reporting of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, which claimed he threatened to resign earlier this year. Tillerson stated that he never threatened to quit.

President Trump said that when he won the election, he figured the media might look at him more favorably. Instead, the opposite has happened. The establishment media, sometimes including pundits from the Right, has become sensationalized to the extent that there is a palatable hatred for the President, with many news organizations jumping on the bandwagon in pursuit of ratings.

Polls reveal that 46% of Americans believe the media makes fake news about Trump. Do you agree?

Many are hoping that these so-called “journalists” will come to their senses and realize that the media is meant to hold government in check, not for executing sensationalism for the sake of ratings. This behavior is causing a definite dividing line in the country, namely because the media knows they are lying about the stories they publish, in most cases.

The only way the problem will be resolved is if there is a mutual understanding of respect between President Trump’s administration and the media. There is nothing wrong with reporting real criticism or even disagreement on policy, but the bald-faced lying is deceiving Americans, and ultimately hurting the country.