BREAKING: Trump Drops Puerto Rico Truth Bomb

Hurricane Maria destroyed most of Puerto Rico and left the island in complete shambles. An effort to rebuild and make sure that people are safe and have what they need is underway.

After multiple attacks from the mainstream media over Trump’s leadership in this situation, the president had enough, and finally decided to defend himself via a massive Twitter storm. The opening tweet sums up the whole situation, “Despite the Fake News Media in conjunction with the Dems, an amazing job is being done in Puerto Rico. Great people!” He is calling out the media for their lies, and it has been long overdue. 

The president has been criticized over the situation in Puerto Rico ever since the day Maria struck. It is almost as if the left believes he can snap his fingers, and return everything to normal again on the island in the blink of an eye.

Sadly, they don’t understand that we have nearly 4,000 troops in Puerto Rico this very moment — working tirelessly to unload the bottlenecked ports, to save people who were displaced by the hurricane, and planning the next steps in the rescue effort.

All of this is important work that needs to be achieved before anybody can start rebuilding. The people need to be safe, and have access to food and water. We can’t do it instantly. It takes a lot of time and work.

The president also took a shot at San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who is only perpetuating the belief that Trump isn’t doing anything to help the people there. She sent out a series of messages blaming the president for people dying.

“We are dying, and you are killing us with inefficiency,” Cruz stated. “I am begging, begging anyone that can hear us, to save us from dying,” she continued.

She is ignoring the fact that there are thousands of people who are getting food and water rationed off to them as we speak. Telecommunications are back up and running in 30 percent of the country, a majority of gas stations are pumping gas again, and around half of all the supermarkets have opened, according to Fox News.

It is important to note that Cruz is also a Democrat, and we have seen how they act when it comes to the president. They refuse to accept that he can do anything right, even if he went full-force to help the US territory.

An amazing job is being done in Puerto Rico! Is the media lying about US aide?

The mainstream media is trying hard to discredit the president for his actions in Puerto Rico as well. They, again, are ignoring the positives, and acting like the president isn’t trying to do anything for Puerto Rico, when we know very well and true that that isn’t the case.

President Trump is scheduled to arrive in Puerto Rico Tuesday to assess the damage personally and to plan the next steps. He intends to bring them back to the bustling island that they once were.

The manipulation from the left is going to continue — there is no doubt about that. The best thing you can do is research the information for yourself. Look at how hard the military, president, and everyone else involved is working to ensure the safety of everyone there. The facts don’t lie.