JUST IN: Trump Just Destroyed Obamacare With 1 Brilliant Move – Show Your Support

As Republicans are mustering up the needed support to repeal and replace Obamacare with the help of Ted Cruz’s proposed amendment, Trump is hammering in the final nail that will seal the failing healthcare program as a thing of the past.

Obamacare will eventually be repealed and replaced, allowing citizens to get out from under its harmful financial burden. Until that happens, President Trump is working to curb Obamacare enrollees by shutting down a program designed to help citizens enroll in Obamacare in 18 cities. (via Associated Press)

President Trump’s administration has ended some Affordable Care Act contracts that would encourage and assist confused Americans in the process of signing up for Obamacare. Two companies, Cognosante, LLC and CSRA, Inc., have contracts that expire on August 29th, saving $9.6 million and $12.8 million dollars respectively.

Jane Norris, a spokeswoman for one of the agencies, said the contracts were temporary and the other enrollment assistance programs will continue, including a call center to assist anyone wanting to enroll in the other programs they offer. “We have the on-the-ground resources necessary” to continue other programs, she added. (via Dennis Michael Lynch)

In addition, many community groups are opposing the decision, claiming that Trump is hampering their ability to serve the needs of their communities. “What is the goal of the Trump administration here?” asked Rob Restuccia, director of Community Catalyst, a group trying to keep the current health care law in place. “Is it to help people? Or to undermine the Affordable Care Act?” (via Associated Press)

However, it is no surprise that these groups would complain, as losing Obamacare and these contracts mean they would lose their source of funding. Many of these organizations are advocating for their survival, not for the interests of the American people. Even those organizations that aren’t affected by these contracts are worried that they might be next on the financial chopping block.

President Trump just shut down an Obamacare enrollment program. Do you support him?

Obamacare has been a terrible healthcare system that has cost taxpayers and states billions of dollars in expensive premiums. It was promoted on a series of lies, making claims like “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and “more choice, more competition, lower cost” which all proved to be completely false. In fact, the biggest winners in Obamacare were the big insurance and pharmaceutical companies. (via Washington Post)

As such, organizations that continue to promote this program are doing a disservice to the American people. With cheaper healthcare premiums on the horizon, such as Ted Cruz’s new amendment proposes (which would see a decrease in healthcare premiums from $845 a month for those on Obamacare’s Silver program, to only $380 per month for comparable coverage), Americans have no need to be roped into something that won’t benefit them.

As anyone who has taken a class in economics knows, competition helps the market and lowers overall costs for consumers, while monopolies only help big corporations. With Obamacare effectively enforcing a monopoly on public healthcare for large portions of the country, President Trump’s best move for all Americans would be to eliminate this program as quickly as possible.