JUST IN: Trump Just Defeated the Democrats. He Broke Them.

According to the newest FEC report, the Democratic National Committee is still having trouble making ends meet, while Trump and the Republicans are doing just fine.

The new financial disclosure report put out by the Federal Election Committee (FEC) shows the DNC to be in over its head at about $3.3 million in debt for the month, but unfortunately for them, they only received about $4.5 million from contributors.

It’s no secret that the DNC has been scrambling to find contributors in the last several months, but their efforts have been lagging, raising only $4.2 million in May, which is the lowest amount of contributions they’ve received since 2003.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), on the other hand, has very little debt and has managed to bring in at least three times more than the Democrats last month. The Hill reported that the RNC raised a record-breaking $13.4 million in June and a whopping $10.9 million during the DNC’s record-breaking low month.

In fact, in 2017 alone, the RNC has managed to rake in more than $75 million.

Crediting Republican support to a common thread, RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn stated, “Month after month, the RNC continues to break fundraising records, another testament to the overwhelming support this Republican administration continues to receive from Alaska to Alabama. It has never been more evident that Republicans are united towards a common goal of making this country great again.”

In similar sentiments, fellow chair Ronna Romney McDaniel attributed the proceeds to their “loyal network of grassroots donors” who strongly support President Trump and the Republican agenda.

“Because of the generous contributions, the RNC will continue to promote conservative values while bolstering our efforts to support, defend, and elect more Republicans,” McDaniel said.

But the DNC certainly made efforts to raise money. In a scathing email sent by DNC Chair Tom Perez, he called the GOP health care bill a “flaming dumpster fire,” stating that he knows “garbage when he sees it.”

The low donation numbers could be due to the fact that wealthy donors are fed up with the misuse of funds by the Democratic Party, since billionaires like Tom Steyer, Stephen Bittel and Mark Pincus (to name a few) are venturing off to begin their own political campaigns and seek their own political positions.

Or it could be the reputation the DNC made for itself after the Debbie Wasserman Schultz scandal when she was asked to resign for essentially rigging the Democratic primary for president.

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Let’s face it: there are many reasons why Democrats might choose to pull their funds and strike out on their own. Who can blame them?

Democrats are hopeful that their new agenda, however, will turn things around for them. It seems they’ve likely figured out that their previous strategy of simply running against Trump wasn’t a winner for them, so they’ve come up with a “Better Deal” slogan at an attempt to tell voters they have more to offer than the Republican Party.

Let’s hope the new slogan can pull them out of their financial deficit. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, Democrats.