REPORT: Trump Could Have Won ANOTHER State If It Weren’t For Voter Fraud

One of the biggest fears the Democrats seem to have is the uncovering of voter fraud. The topic appears to make nearly everyone on the Left uncomfortable, and you can’t help but to wonder if there is a reason for this strange behavior.

As it turns out, there seems to be an extraordinarily clear reason why the idea of checking in on the integrity of elections is such a big deal. Many of the limited states that Hillary won displayed some shady behavior leading up to and after the election. New Hampshire is a perfect example of this odd behavior. Hillary won the state by 2,736 votes, at the same time, there are some suspicious statistics around the 6,540 “out of state” voters in New Hampshire, according to The Washington Times

There were 6,540 people who registered and voted on November 8th in New Hampshire that had an out-of-state driver’s license.

It gets a little deeper than that. As of August 30th of this year, only 15 percent, about 1,014 voters, were issued a New Hampshire state driver’s license. The fact that the number is less than 25 percent raises some serious eyebrows.

It gets worse than that. Out of the remaining 5,526 people, a paltry 3.3 percent, around 200 people registered a vehicle in New Hampshire. Taking both percentages into account, that is still less than 25 percent of the out-of-state voters.

Considering it has almost been a year since the election, this is especially troubling. New Hampshire law requires that drivers get a new license within 60 days of establishing a home in the state. Why would over 75 percent of the out-of-state voters never bother to get a new ID?

One reason could be that people were using the out-of-state ids to vote illegally for Hillary Clinton.

To summarize the situation at hand, 80 percent of out-of-state drivers in New Hampshire, or around 5,313 of them to be exact, did not bother getting a state license or registering a car within ten months of the election.

As of right now, there are only 196 people across the country being investigated for voting illegally. It would seem that this number would be much higher, considering that there are 3.5 million more voters than live adults, according to Investors.

In other words, there are millions of people who are somehow registered to vote, but don’t exist. This is certainly a red flag and an indicator that something isn’t quite right.

President Trump started an Election Integrity Committee to help resolve these problems across the country. Most Democrats want nothing to do with this committee, which is odd considering they feel so strongly that their candidate was cheated out of the 2016 election.

It is going to take some time to figure out what happened in New Hampshire, California, and other states with out of whack voter figures. If the officials in these states will not cooperate, other measures have to be taken to preserve the integrity of our elections in the future.