BREAKING: Trump Humiliates Congress With Jaw-Dropping Order

It appears that the patience of the president has finally run out. Facing the prospect of a continually stalled Congress, it appears that Trump is taking action for himself.

According to Fox News, the White House announced on Thursday that President Trump is taking executive action on healthcare. Having been fed up with an unproductive Congress, he’s taking things into his own hands and fixing healthcare all by himself!

The executive order that Trump plans to sign Thursday strives to offer “alternatives” to the burgeoning Obamacare plans, as well as increased competition to bring down the cost of premiums.

“The time has come to give Americans the freedom to purchase health insurance across state lines, which will create a truly competitive national marketplace that will bring costs way down and provide far better care, said Trump in an official statement.

The president will direct the Secretary of Labor to start expanding access to Association Health Plans, allowing employers to form groups across state lines to help negotiate for more competitive plans.

“They will be able to buy and cross state lines. They will get great competitive health care and it will cost the United States nothing. Take care of a big percentage of the people we are talking about,” said the President, referring to the people who face rate hikes under Obamacare.

It’s a move that small and mid-sized employers will find especially helpful. Dirk Van Dongen, president of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, said that this decision from Trump would be a great boon to these companies. “Small to midsize businesses have very little leverage in the insurance market. Anything that allows them to amalgamate their purchasing power will be helpful,” according to The New York Times.

The Trump administration has also said that with insurance premiums skyrocketing in many states, consumers should be given the option of buying less comprehensive, less expensive coverage as an alternative to conventional plans, something that the US Chamber of Commerce said “serve an important purpose for consumers” who are in-between jobs.

This move from Trump to use an executive order comes after the GOP has repeatedly failed to pass any meaningful legislation or reform on Obamacare. Rand Paul back in July predicted that Trump would have to do this, saying that when he spoke with the president, he was considering to take executive action is Congress didn’t step up, according to Breitbart.

President Trump uses his “pen and his phone” (Obama’s phrase for executive orders) to accomplish his healthcare agenda. Do you approve of this method?

“Since Congress can’t get its act together on HealthCare, I will be using the power of the pen to give great HealthCare to many people – FAST,” tweeted Trump.

Paul also said that he has been working alongside the president on this healthcare executive order for months already. It’s not surprising since Trump’s order bears considerable similarity with Paul’s proposed idea of Association Health Plans (AHPs), which gives small businesses and individuals the freedom to group together, regardless of state lines, to negotiate for better plans. It’s clear that Trump drew inspiration from Paul’s original idea.

The president also lamented the failing state of Obamacare, saying that Americans can’t afford to wait anymore under the current rate hikes. This new piece of legislation promises to be the healthcare package that Obamacare should have been – all without the expensive premiums Americans have been loathing.