ALERT: Trump Just BANNED 1 Group From Welfare, and Liberals Are Freaking Out

When he took office early this year, President Trump promised that the country would improve in significant ways. Since that time, the country has seen a variety of positive changes, and the most recent change will infuriate liberals.

The introduction of the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act would fundamentally change the way that immigrants are received into the country. With the RAISE Act, there would be many changes that would put Americans first. One such change would make immigrants wait five years before they could receive welfare, according to Independent Journal Review. That is just the start for the pro-America bill.

The Department of Homeland Security recorded that the US had 1,051,031 immigrants taking permanent residency in the year 2015. The RAISE Act would reduce that number down to around 500,000 to 600,000 by 2027.

President Trump championed this new act with Senator David Perdue (R-GA), and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR). They suggested that low-skilled and unskilled immigrants cause wages to depress here and make finding a job more challenging than ever before. Their argument is hard to refute.

If the RAISE Act were to pass Congress, it would have significant effects starting almost immediately. It would stop immigrants from coming over to the United States, and stop their use of taxpayer-funded welfare and/or unemployment assistance.

During Trump’s speech on the matter, he said that it would be “the most significant reform to our immigration system in a half-century.” His statement certainly rings true.

Trump spoke about why this new system needs to be put into place. There are too many immigrants coming here who are simply unable to support themselves and their families. Collecting welfare as soon as they come into the country is just making it harder for the American folks already here to thrive.

The tax dollars are being used to pay for the immigrant families–beyond immediate blood relatives–to enter the United States.  It is for this reason that the RAISE Act would also prioritize immediate family members, such as spouses and children, but exclude extended family members and adults.

Furthermore, the bit of legislation would also stop the “Diversity Visa lottery system,” and limit the resident status of refugees to a cap of 50,000 per year.  The overall reduction of immigrants to the country would free up jobs and resources to help already established American families in need.

Trump brought up a valid point while explaining the proposed legislation. He said that the current situation is causing a challenge for immigrants who are already here to find jobs since they are competing against newly arrived immigrants.

The RAISE Act would also make it so that all immigrants coming to the United States would have to learn to speak English. Considering the fact that English is America’s first language, English speakers would be given priority.

Obviously, President Trump’s goal is to make America better than ever by ensuring that everyone can communicate, find a job, and pursue their own happiness. Mass immigration is standing in the way of this issue, and the system needs to be refined.