ALERT: Trump Admin Announces Whether Jeff Sessions Will Be Fired – Your Response?

Rumors have been circulating for quite some time now that Jeff Sessions might be losing his position. A degree of tension has come up between the president and his attorney general. Considering recent shake-ups in the White House staff, some have felt that Sessions might be the next staff member to go.

But despite these rumors, it appears the attorney general’s job is not under threat. President Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly personally reached out to Sessions to confirm that Session’s job is safe, according to ABC News.

During the campaign, Sessions was one of the earliest and most enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump and gave the then Republican candidate a much-needed boost from a respected conservative senator.

John Kelly, Trump’s new Chief of Staff and replacement for Reince Priebus, called Sessions on Saturday. Kelly empathized that the White House was still supportive of Sessions’ work and wanted him to continue doing his job. Kelly described the president as being irritated at Sessions, but had no plans to fire him or hope for his resignation.

The origin of these tensions came when Trump criticized Sessions for taking what he felt was a weak stance on Hillary Clinton’s corruption. He would criticize Sessions in a tweet, saying “Why aren’t the Committees and investigators, and of course our beleaguered A.G., looking into Crooked Hillary’s crimes and Russia relations?” He further added that he might not have chosen Sessions to be his attorney general had he known that Sessions would recuse himself from the ongoing investigation, reported Business Insider.

Although many conservatives have become irritated at the president, feeling that Sessions has been one of the most competent and respected members of his cabinet, it’s not hard to see why Trump would be irritated. For several months, news outlets all across the nation have been pushing the Russian-Trump story, something which there was no evidence for and was even admitted to by a CNN Producer. At the same time, mainstream outlets have refused even to cover any of the Democratic scandals that are taking place. Stories such as the Democrat IT Aide who laundered $4 million comes to mind –which had far more evidence and signs of a real collusion than anything that the Trump administration ever did.

It’s fair to see why Trump would be irritated that no one seems willing to expose the Democrats for their own misconduct. However, Trump still appreciates and values the attorney general’s efforts to combat illegal immigration–efforts that have earned the attorney general respect from many conservatives across the nation. Sessions had recently traveled to El Salvador to get a better understanding of the MS-13 gang and its members, and has been vocal in fighting to remove their members from our cities’ streets. According to a statement from the Department of Justice, Sessions’ stated that “this department is especially focused on eradicating the threat posed by MS-13,” and they will take the fight to the sanctuary cities that shield these criminals.

Regardless of how things work out between the two, both are enthusiastic conservatives in their own right, and are committed to making America safe and prosperous for all once again.