Trump Announces He Has Big Plans for Flynn if Re-Elected

After dropping a hint last month that retired Gen. Michael Flynn would be returning to Washington with him if he wins the 2024 presidential election, former President Donald Trump left no doubt in anyone’s minds Saturday night.

Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor during the 2016 presidential transition period, was forced out of office within weeks of Trump’s inauguration.

On Saturday, Flynn brought his ReAwaken America tour to Trump National Doral Miami. During one part of the event, Flynn called Trump and held the mic to the phone.

After Trump’s voice came through, the crowd erupted in applause.

“This place is going crazy,” Flynn said.

“I want to thank you all for being here at the wonderful hotel,” Trump said. “It’s a wonderful hotel, but you’re there for an even more important purpose.”

“I will say, General Flynn, he’s some general. He’s some man,” Trump continued. “He took abuse like nobody could have handled, and he came out bigger, better, stronger than ever before.”

“We love him. He’s a leader,” Trump said.

Trump told the crowd to “stay wealthy and healthy and well, and everything. I want you to have great lives.”

He then shared with the crowd his message to Flynn.

“General, you just have to stay healthy because we’re bringing you back. We’re gonna bring you back,” he said.

As the crowd cheered,  Flynn told Trump, “My wife’s going crazy.”

“We’re proud of you, general, I’ll tell you what.  I knew it from day one. You’re really somebody really very special, and when I hear that applause in the audience when I just say a few nice things, I could go on for a long time about you. We’re very proud of you,” Trump said,

Trump then said he had a new poll showing him leading among Republicans by 30 points in Florida.

“We’re leading Biden by 11 points, We’re leading everybody. It’s less than a year and half now, and we will make America great again,” Trump said.

After citing his administration’s high points, Trump ended the call by saying, “I want to thank General Flynn for being a very brave man who was absolutely tortured. He’s stronger now than he ever was. It takes somebody very special to pull that off. So, General, thank you very much,” Trump said.

“Beautiful, Donald,” Flynn said as he put the phone to his ear. Before the call ended, Flynn led the crowd in the chant, “USA.”

Last month, when Trump spoke at the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner of the Lee County, Florida, Republicans, he dropped a hint about Flynn.

Trump was reciting a list of those in attendance when he came to Flynn, whom he called “a friend of mine and a very brave, brave person, somebody that got  it very early and went through hell and he handled it like the brave man he is.”

“General Michael Flynn. Where’s Michael? Where is Michael?  Thank you, Michael,” Trump said after finding Flynn in the crowd.

“Brave guy, great guy,” Trump said.

“Just stay in good health Mike, get ready.  OK?  It’s not long.  A year and a half, Michael, just stay healthy,” Trump said then.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.