ALERT: Trump Makes Surprise Announcement About What Ted Cruz Just Did

If you have been following the news recently, you are aware that Republicans have stalled out on a key piece of legislation that would repeal and replace Obamacare. It’s a key talking point and campaign promise they have been fighting to accomplish for over seven years.

As the situation continues to get more serious, and with Trump demanding that senators figure out a solution or they shouldn’t leave for their August recess, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has stepped in and offered a key amendment to save the healthcare bill and REPEAL Obamacare once and for all. (via The Washington Examiner)

With the second attempt at an Obamacare repeal failing to get the required number of votes due to a few senators turning their back on the party, the Trump administration may have to rely on Ted Cruz’s amendment to help persuade the senators who voted “no” to vote “yes” for the legislation.

According to Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services, Cruz’s proposed amendment would offer cheaper plans to Americans and result in more people buying health insurance. Under this amendment proposed by the Texas senator, insurers would be allowed to sell plans that do not offer much in maternity or prescription coverage to those who don’t need that care, helping to lower premiums.

Those who signed up for Obamacare Silver plans, for example, are considered to be high-risk for insurers. Under Cruz’s plan, they would pay on average $380 per month in 2024, a drastic reduction from $845 per month under the current Obamacare law. Those who purchase plans outside of the Obamacare mandate would pay even less, around $240 per month in 2024. “One way or another, this amendment is going to lower premiums and make people better off,” said a source close to Cruz. (via The Washington Examiner)

As wonderful as this would be for Americans laboring under the financially burdensome premiums of the current healthcare plan, two of the main insurance lobbying groups, America’s Health Insurance Plans and the BlueCross-BlueShield association have a negative outlook on Cruz’s proposal.

“It is simply unworkable in any form and would undermine protections for those with pre-existing medical conditions, increase premiums, and lead to widespread terminations of coverage,” said both groups in a letter last week. “Millions of more individuals will become uninsured.” (via Dennis Michael Lynch)

However, what these groups are not mentioning is that it is in the interests of “insurance giants,” as well as Big Pharma, to keep much of Obamacare in place. An analysis completed in 2013 showed that Obamacare would bring the drug industry up to $35 billion in extra profits over the next decade, not including the profits that health insurance giants have reaped from the healthcare policy since its genesis.

Republicans have failed to unite in repealing Obamacare. Do you support Ted Cruz’s plan?

As is often the case with lobbying groups, they are pushing for their own interests instead of those of the American people.

Stephen Moore, former senior economic adviser to the Trump campaign, however, supported the policy. “The Cruz amendment…is smart, because it doesn’t take anything away from anyone. If you want Obamacare – you can have it…The Cruz amendment creates what is called a ‘Consumer Freedom Option.’ This essentially allows an ‘off-ramp’ from Obamacare for the tens of millions of Americans who don’t want it…In other words, the Cruz amendment is pro-choice.” (via CNN)

With hope renewed in this new amendment, Republican senators might be able to put the final nail in the Obamacare coffin and open a new chapter of American healthcare history.