ALERT: Trump Ally Reveals What Mueller Did To Him, People Are Stunned

There has been a witch hunt for President Trump, and everyone associated with him, since the day he was elected. Now, the Special Counsel, led by Robert Mueller, is taking a toll on the future of Trump’s allies.

One of President Trump’s former campaign advisers, Michael Caputo, is being forced into a situation that no parent should ever have to face. Due to the federal probe into ties between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia, Caputo was forced to liquidate the college funds he had put aside for his children, according to The Hill. Caputo needed the money in order to pay for legal help.

Caputo worked in the communications department during President Trump’s campaign. He spoke about how he ended up in this position, “It’s very expensive, and nobody’s called me and offered to help.”

He went on to explain that, due to the unusual circumstances around his situation, he needs a particular type of attorney, one who is “competent.” “And you’ll pay for competency,” Caputo said.

Despite the claims that this probe is not based on political bias, that clearly does not seem to be the case. In fact, this special counsel was formed well after most of us became aware that there was no evidence that President Trump’s campaign was involved with Russia.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is walking free after acid-washing emails, setting up private servers, participating in the Benghazi incident, and more. Mueller’s counsel practically reeks of political motivation.

Caputo explained that, since the announcement of the council’s formation, he had faced numerous death threats. Aside from the financial burden, he is also worried about whether or not these threats on his life were real, or just talk. This all can take a serious toll on one’s physical and mental health.

“We’ve had to install security. I’ve had to take security precautions at both my home and at my office, and with my children, so these all add up very quickly,” Caputo said. It’s clear that he’s been adversely impacted by this whole fiasco.

This news has come in light of Mueller expanding his probe into the Trump campaign, all in an attempt to prove that Trump is guilty of something. It is almost as if Mueller is treating Trump as guilty until proven innocent.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is currently working on two pieces of legislation that would prevent Mueller from being fired. It feels as if they want to set Trump up for failure, and as previously mentioned, that’s strictly politically motivated.

On the same note, Mueller’s team of lawyers is looking increasingly suspicious. There are 15 lawyers on staff. Out of all 15 lawyers, at least seven have donated money personally to Democrat candidates, including Hillary Clinton, according to Fox News.

There is clearly something amiss here. Caputo is only the first member of Trump’s campaign to come forward and say that he has suffered financially from Mueller’s investigation. Hopefully, this comes to an end soon, so Caputo and the rest of Trump’s allies can finally rest easy.