BREAKING: Top Trump Ally Going To Prison, Here’s Who Is Responsible

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been something of a boogeyman to liberals over the years with his hard-line stance against illegal immigration.

For his dedication to the rule of law, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled that he was guilty of “criminal contempt”. Sheriff Arpaio’s wife, Ava, sent out a startling email to supporters, saying, “This case has been politically motivated from the start. The Obama DOJ under Loretta Lynch carefully timed their charges to come out last fall – right before the election – to do maximum political damage to my husband’s re-election campaign. Well it worked.” (via AZCentral)

Additionally, it appears that with careful coordination and timing, liberals were able to hijack his attempted reelection for sheriff and manage to get a sentence against him. It also turns out the key linchpin in hijacking the vote against Arpaio is a powerful liberal with deep pockets, George Soros. According to Politico, Soros helped fund the political opposition’s efforts.

Arpaio became a juggernaut of anti-illegal immigration in the late 2000’s. His office was often referred to as the “tip of the spear” for its aggressive and effective tactics for finding and deporting illegal immigrants. An often-used tactic was to conduct traffic stops for minor offenses and then verify whether the individual had proper documentation to live in the country.

Liberals were enraged by Arpaio’s work and claimed that he and his department were exclusively targeting Latinos. In 2013, U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow determined he was guilty of racial profiling and ordered him to pull back on his deportation efforts. Arpaio continued working to deport illegal immigrants, while doing the minimum to comply with the ruling.

In the recent reelection, Arpaio was blindsided on two fronts.

The first being George Soros donating $2 million to see his opponent win the election. Soros, who opposes much of the anti-illegal immigration policies of the right, supported Maricopa Strong, a group who was working to oppose Arpaio.

The donation helped create a number of ad campaigns claiming Arpaio was guilty of failing to do his job because of his deportation efforts. “Rape, assaults, even child molestation remained uninvestigated while Arpaio focuses on his personal agenda. Arpaio talks tough, but he doesn’t keep us safe,” claimed one ad. (via Politico)

The second front to blindside Arpaio was when criminal charges were filed against him claiming he failed to follow the judge’s mandate. Arpaio’s wife says the lawsuit was political maneuvering to cost him the reelection. “This case has been politically motivated from the start. The Obama DOJ under Loretta Lynch carefully timed their charges to come out last fall – right before the election – to do maximum political damage to my husbands reelection campaign. Well it worked.” (via AZCentral)

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton determined he was in violation of following the mandate saying he had “flagrant disregard” for Judge Snow’s orders. In October, sentencing for Arpaio will be determined with the possibility for him to serve up to six months in jail. (via AZCentral)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been an avid supporter of cracking down on illegal immigration and may now face jail time for doing so. Do you support him?

Liberals praised the ruling. Cecillia Wang, deputy legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union, said, “This is kind of the final nail in the coffin. There was a time when Arpaio ran around the county like he owned the place. It’s a final reminder to Arpaio that he’s not above the law and never was.” (via AZCentral)

Arpaio’s former Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan was shocked by the ruling, saying, “The Sheriff Joe I know and worked with was an honest, law-abiding lawman. I never witnessed one unethical action on his part in all of the years I worked alongside him. He did not deliberately violate any court order, and now, for a judge to find him guilty of this is a tragedy.” (via AZCentral)

It’s concerning to see liberals resort to such brutal tactics to win elections in their fight to oppose the deportation of illegal immigrants. With a billionaire like Soros and the Obama administration working against Arpaio, there was no hope of him winning the election and his sentencing will be an additional twist of injustice.