WATCH: Trump Advisor Destroys CNN “Journalist” On Live TV. The Video Is Now Viral.

Senior White House Correspondent for CNN, Jim Acosta, demonstrates why trust in the mainstream media is at an all time low.

President Trump’s Senior Policy Advisor, Stephen Miller, was interrupted by Jim Acosta during yesterday’s press conference. Acosta derailed the briefing and launched an explanation of his preferred immigration policy. However, Miller embarrassed the CNN correspondent, shutting him down by proving every single one of his claims wrong.

Acosta, and the rest of the mainstream media, have overstepped their bounds. As a White House correspondent, his job is to ask questions and write down answers–not engage in policy debates with the Trump administration.

However, many journalists seem to act as activists instead of journalists. They pride themselves on fair reporting, yet consistently attempt to influence the population with biased reporting. Engaging in a political war with the Trump administration is inconsistent with the objective reporting they claim to do.

The mainstream media’s attempt to influence the masses has ultimately failed–they have only alienated the majority of Americans. A 2016 Gallup poll reveals that 68 percent of Americans have lost all trust in the mainstream media.

This trust continues to shrink every time a journalist behaves as Acosta did. Not only did Acosta overstep his bounds by interrupting Miller, but his pro-open border rant was factually incorrect and a sign of his “cosmopolitan bias.”

Miller was attempting to explain Trump’s plan to reduce legal immigration when Acosta interrupted to read the poem plastered at the feet of the Statue of Liberty. Confusing the French poem for official policy, Acosta asked Miller to explain why we do not have unfettered immigration.

Miller was forced to explain to Acosta that the Statue of Liberty is not official policy and that the famous poem was added after the statue was originally installed. Our country has never had an open border policy. There have always been limits on the rate of legal immigration, and the number of foreign-born Americans is at an all-time high.

Acosta accused Trump of racism for enforcing English language standards for legal immigrants. Miller was quick to correct the CNN correspondent, noting that speaking English has always been a requirement for becoming a naturalized citizen.

The “journalists” of the mainstream media have become increasingly caustic towards President Trump since his election. Do you agree with how Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller handled Jim Acosta?

Acosta further disrupted the conference with the claim that Trump was attempting to “engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people into this country.” Acosta claimed that English language requirements were intended to block immigration from everywhere but Great Britain and Australia.

“I am shocked at your statement that you think that only people from Great Britain and Australia would know English. It reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree,” Miller charged, adding, “Jim, that is one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant, and foolish things you’ve ever said.”