ALERT: Trump Admin. Issues Massive Warning To The UN, Liberals Hate It

Mere hours after the United States decided to leave UNESCO last month, Israel followed out the door. The action left people curious as to why this happened and what kind of effect it will have on the United Nations.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, spoke about the day Israel left UNESCO. She believes that in a sense, UNESCO is “attempting to erase the history of the Jewish people.” Haley spoke about how leaving the group was an “easy call,” and said that it could happen again with the Human Rights Council if the group fails in “living up to its name,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

The US ambassador noted that leaving UNESCO was not an easy decision for Israel to make. It came to the point where they had to make a stand.

“To its credit, Israel has stayed committed to the United Nations. This small nation shows the collective nations of the world more deference and respect than they deserve,” Haley stated in Washington.
She said that Israel is still in the United Nations right now because they have to keep fighting for their “survival.” They are the only group in the Middle East to fight for the principles of democracy, as well as tolerance and openness that cannot be found elsewhere in the area.
“I’m glad that Israel remains committed to what can seem like a very lonely fight,” Haley continued. She expressed that Israel is not fighting this war alone; there are people actively supporting their cause.
The former South Carolina governor has fought hard for Israel. She is one of the few who openly turned away a report constructed by the UN that identified Israel as an apartheid state.
She went on to explain her irritation with the fact that the UN seems to focus almost half of their allotted time on Israel while the other 192 countries are left as nothing more than an afterthought.

The Human Rights Council is notorious for applying a double standard to Israel, as it relates to the UN, Haley told listeners. This kind of double standard is unacceptable,  and as a result, she is “cautiously optimistic” about the US and their relation to the anti-Israel culture.

The thought process seems to be that when the Human Rights Council pushes a false narrative to portray Israel negatively in a particular situation, it causes harm to the overall image of the Jewish State.

Was Israel right to leave UNESCO?

“It’s no secret that the UN is a hostile place for Israel, but what I saw just before I became the US ambassador was a shameful period in which the United States became a part of that hostility,” Haley continued.

She concluded by explaining her biggest concern is the way the people in the UN view Israel. They seem set on demonizing them at every corner instead of pushing them to break the chains of the Middle Eastern countries surrounding them. If the UN were to change their view on the Jewish State, it would do wonders to restore their image, and perhaps garner the support they deserve from other nations.