WATCH: Trace Adkins DEFIES America-Haters with AMAZING New Song

Trace Adkins has long been known as a patriotic country singer, with songs like “Arlington” where Adkins is seen paying his respects to the buried military men at the famous cemetery in Virginia. Adkins has a new song that is in keeping with his well-known patriotism.

“Still a Soldier” shows appreciation for our military and veterans, stands up for American patriotism, and shuts down those who hate our country.

For those who aren’t as familiar, Trace Adkins is a country singer known for his patriotism, southern ways, and conservative values. He has been a huge supporter of the U.S. military, performing in well over 10 tours for troops through the United Service Organization.

His latest song “Still a Soldier” is dedicated to the men and women of the military who are now civilians living stateside, but are still soldiers at heart.

The lyric video for the song is peppered with iconic military and traditional American images. A brilliant American flag waves throughout the video, laid over with images of soldiers, white picket fences, helicopters, and freshly cut grass.

The lyrics of the song start by painting a picture of a man with the atypical American lifestyle: he has “a year-old truck and a nine to five” job with a “pretty wife” and “a baby due”. The man in the song attends church, watches the game with a “beer or two,” and lives what most consider to be the American dream.

The tone of the song changes after the first chorus when it’s revealed the soldier still has the same strong patriotism and is overcoming PTSD. As the “news at ten” kicks on and he sees a brother in arms fall in one of “those places that he’s been,” the song says that “there’s a part of him” that falls, too. It shows the patriotism of the soldier in that he would readily give up his current lifestyle to be called back if they needed him. The next set of lyrics hints at the veteran overcoming some elements of post-trauma from the war because, “He don’t wake up anymore, when he hears the thunder”.

What’s interesting about the song is it’s early, not so subtle, jab at America-hating leftists that protested the National Anthem by refusing to stand. The veteran soldier in the song will, “stand up, when he hears the anthem, and that won’t ever change.”

Soldiers returning from Vietnam faced similar, if not greater hatred, upon returning home from an unpopular war. Now, it’s the common soldier who is unpopular, not just the battles they fight, and many liberals have taken to protesting anything remotely related to soldiers, Americanism, or that shows any amount of patriotism.

The song is Trace Adkins’ way of showing support to America in a time when our country and is being demonized by the far-left. While these America-haters refuse to stand up for the National Anthem, burn flags, and refuse to celebrate Independence Day, the rest of us must fight for the American Dream and show our patriotism and courage by standing up for what we believe in, even as others stay seated.