Top VP Harris staffer announces resignation, cites ‘pressing personal matters’

Not unlike scared rats jumping from a sinking ship, Vice President Kamala Harris’ staffers continue to desert her office amid her mounting list of embarrassments and failures in her current role.

According to The Daily Wire, shortly after Harris returned back from what many believed to be a disastrous trip to Eastern Europe where she further embarrassed the United States, Harris’ National Security Adviser Nancy McEldowney announced in an internal memo that she would soon be leaving her post. 

As many do when leaving under somewhat sudden circumstances, McEldowney cited the reason for her departure as wanting to focus on “pressing personal matters,” which, typically, is code for “I need to get out of here as fast as I possibly can.”

“This was a difficult decision because I am so deeply committed to the work we do and the crucial national interest we serve. But after more than a year, this is the right decision for my family,” she added in the memo.

The latest departure

McEldowney’s resignation announcement came in the wake of Harris’ Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh making a similar announcement last week.

Kate Childs Graham, the head of Harris’ speechwriting team, announced her resignation from the vice president’s office in February. Previously, two additional high-profile Harris staffers rolled out last year.

The turnover rate in Harris’ office is comical at this point in time, clearly showing that staffers are getting out while they still have some integrity, which is bizarre because typically, a position within the vice president’s office is one of the highest-level government positions one can attain.

McEldowney marks the 10th exit from Harris’ embattled office, which has previously been described as “toxic.” Social media users took full advantage of the latest announcement.

One Twitter user commented, “10? Her office has a higher turnover rate than Taco Bell.”

What’s really going on?

In a report from the Daily Mail, it was suggested that the latest round of staff shakeups comes as a result of Harris’ new comms director.

“The shakeup of the vice president’s press team comes under the direction of new communications director Jamal Simmons,” the outlet wrote. “The reset came as both the president and vice president sought to step up public engagement to battle low poll numbers.”

Only time will tell, but given Harris’ declining performance and plummeting approval numbers, it wouldn’t be surprising to see additional staffers in her office run for the exits as soon as they can.