ALERT: Top Trump Official Under Attack, Please Pray

Activists have been harassing and attacking a White House official for a while, but now they have taken things too far.

According to Fox News, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has been berated by activists fighting for net neutrality regulations. This last week they have also been targeting his wife and kids as part of their protests.

Recently Mr. Pai stated publicly that he would fulfill his commitment to ending numerous net neutrality regulations established under former President Barack Obama. Since his announcement, he has been hounded by activists criticizing the promise.

Over the last few days, protestors have stood outside Mr. Pai’s home with cardboard signs criticizing Mr. Pai. One sign asked him if a world without net neutrality is the one he wanted his kids to inherit.

Another sign stated: “They will come to know the truth. Dad murdered democracy in cold blood. And for what?! It’s not too late yet Chairman Pai. You don’t have to be evil.”

Mr. Pai said his wife and kids were deeply upset by the protesters and signs saying: “It certainly crosses a line with me. Families … should remain out of it and stop harassing us at our homes. … It was a little nerve-racking, especially for my wife who’s not involved in this space.”

The arguments are raging over a series of rules established under President Obama in 2015 commonly referred to together as “net neutrality.” Net neutrality activists argue that without proper regulations companies can unfairly restrict or hinder access and usage of internet pages and apps while streamlining those services and products that profit them.

An example would be AT&T intentionally preventing its users from being able to quickly access Verizon products and services while making it faster to access their own. Another could be Google Fiber restricting Microsoft’s Bing from operating as fast as their own Google search service.

Activists claim companies will abuse this power over internet speed and access to hinder competitors, shut out small companies, and even filter out websites that don’t agree with the company’s ideologies.

But opponents of net neutrality, including Mr. Pai, argue that such regulations to enforce fairness aren’t in the best interest of the consumer or the companies involved. It would remove the incentive for internet service providers to invest in their own networks, resulting in less money going to improve existing systems or future innovation, meaning a slower internet.

Such regulations would also give the government control over the costs and efficiencies of internet service providers, meaning politicians could decide how much internet should cost regardless of actual market value, which service providers are permitted to build networks in which cities, and what services should be required even if the consumer doesn’t want to use — let alone pay for them.

Advocates for net neutrality have been threatening the FCC Chairman and his family as part of their protests. Do you support net neutrality?

These regulations would treat the internet as a utility, which would open it up to true monopolies and corrupt business practices.

In any case, the activists in favor of net neutrality, who are harassing Mr. Pai’s family, need to be held accountable. It’s one thing to criticize a political figure for his policies and agendas, it’s another to target his family at their home.