ALERT: Top Trump Official In Grave Danger, It’s Horrifying

It’s no surprise that President Trump, and by extension his administration, isn’t popular with the Left.

According to Newsmax, this dislike has blossomed into open hostility against the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt. According to Assistant Inspector General, Patrick Sullivan, “We have at least four times – four to five times the number of threats against Mr. Pruitt than [his predecessor].”

Agents will need to provide 24-hour protection to Pruitt, and that will cost a whopping $2 million annually. No administrator before Pruitt has ever required this unprecedented 24/7 security detail.

According to The Independent, the threats against Mr. Pruitt have gotten so bad that 70 separate investigations were conducted. Sullivan told reporters that the threats come from “both sides” of the political aisle. The Left thinks his efforts to roll back former-President Obama’s regulations are harming the economy, and the threats from the Right accuse him of not doing enough to cut back regulations.

Much of the ire directed at the EPA likely has a lot to do with President Trump. President Trump announced plans to cut almost 30 percent of the EPA’s budget, revitalize the coal industry, and decrease the number and scope of regulations on the federal level. President Trump even pulled the US out of the global Paris Climate Agreement, believing it to be a fool’s errand.

Perhaps most upsetting to those on the Left who issue threats, was Pruitt’s announcement that the EPA would seek to repeal the Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan was the cornerstone of Obama’s environmental legacy, claiming that through regulations, it would decrease carbon emissions –a big deal for those who believe in climate change.

Because of these–and other actions–to roll back Obama’s burdensome regulations, Pruitt and the EPA have stepped up security at his offices in a number of ways in response to the threats. In addition to hiring bodyguards, card readers have been installed at Pruitt’s Washington, DC office, efforts have been made to make the office soundproof, and security personnel are actively monitoring the hallways.

Despite the death threats, Democrats feel the additional security is a waste of taxpayer’s money. Reps. Peter DeFazio (D-OR), and Grace Napolitano (D-CA), sent a letter to the EPA Inspector General complaining about the additional expenses.

The letter stated, “This culture, which is reflected in travel and lifestyle choices from the President on down, seems to embolden senior, politically appointed officials of the Trump administration to undertake lavish spending of taxpayer dollars for their sole and personal benefit, and not for the benefit of Americans paying the tab.”

The “tolerant” Left has been sending death threats to a Trump official. Should the threats be investigated?

Pruitt operates in a difficult position. Those on the Right may believe that his office represents the big government seeking to control everything, while those on the Left may believe Pruitt will be directly responsible for killing the planet.

Considering his efforts to scale back Obama’s regulations, it’s likely that the majority of the threats are coming from those on the Left who believe such regulations are necessary for mankind’s continued survival.

Given the overwhelming number of threats against Pruitt and his office, it’s understandable that he would seek to protect himself. Hopefully the security measures he’s taken for himself–and his office–will be enough to prevent his more sinister critics from causing him harm.